ActronAir Air Conditioners

Designed by Australians for Australians, ActronAir air conditioners are intended for use “in the harshest climate on earth,” as a quote from their website reads.

Here at Clements, we’ve got over 40 years of experience in providing air conditioning solutions to residents of the Maitland region and in that time, we’ve seen ActronAir grow from a family start up in 1984 to one of the premier air conditioning companies we provide service for here in Maitland.

Read on to learn more about ActronAir air conditioners and what our service can do for you.

Air conditioning solutions for any facility

Here are a few of the lines and air conditioning types offered by ActronAir, each followed by a brief description:

  • Classic (fully ducted)
  • ESP Plus (energy-focussed, zone-compatible)
  • ESP Ultima (energy-conserving, zone-compatible)
  • Commercial Air Conditioning (malls, outback mines, etc)
  • Wall split systems (single room air conditioners)

Each of these lines offer solutions for a variety of facility types. From homes to offices and industrial facilities, there’s a solution for you somewhere in the ActronAir lineup.

Fantastic service for fantastic air conditioners

No matter how great your air conditioning unit is, unless you’ve got a great service team to match, it won’t run anywhere near as efficient as it could. Here at Clements, we’re very happy to offer our clients fantastic service that matches the level of expertise and passion put into the air conditioning units from ActronAir.

From helping you choose an appropriate air conditioner to installing and servicing it for you, our experts here at Clements are more than able and qualified to assist you every step of the way.

Interested in our services? Give us a call

If you’d like to learn more about what we at Clements offer through our support of ActronAir’s lineup, give us a call. We provide free on-site assessment and estimation services to get you moving towards your goal of having an efficient and effective air conditioner. We look forward to hearing from you!

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