Solar Batteries- The Power Revolution Predicted To Change The World

June 26, 2016 Solar Power

Solar batteries are changing the world wide landscape of the energy industry worldwide and Australia is leading the way. Electricity prices have increased by 70% over the past four years and now home owners are fighting back with over 1.4million homes fitted with solar and a surge of interest in solar batteries taking off. When […]

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The Importance Of Solar Maintenance & Repairs

June 12, 2016 Solar Power

During the Solar Bonus Scheme period many small companies popped up out of nowhere to take advantage of the generous incentives offered . Many installations were completed by companies far away from the customers premises by small subcontractor teams. Most of these companies disappeared as quickly as they came when the government incentives dried up […]

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Winter = Food

June 5, 2016 Food, Recipe

Right? At such a cold and chilly time of year – its always the best time for delicious food. Roast Dinners, Yummy Soups, Comfort Food to the MAXX! Time to get your ovens cranking and the slow cookers out – it’s time for a winter feast!! We’ve collated some of our favorite winter recipes and […]

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Solar Power- What are the benefits?

June 3, 2016 Solar Power

Solar power is still a great investment in NSW even in the absence a feed-in tariff incentive in the state. The fact that solar PV system prices have been declining combined with the fact that retail electricity rates have risen significantly in recent years means that solar panels can now serve as a cost-effective, rooftop […]

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