Fujitsu Electric Air Conditioners

Did you know that Fujitsu has been making electronic appliances since 1935? This long-standing experience and dedication to innovation has found it’s way into the company’s Fujitsu General subsidiary, which provides high quality air conditioning solutions.

Read on to learn more about these solutions and the installation and repair services we offer for Fujitsu air conditioners here at Clements.

clements care air conditioning

A wide range of solutions

We offer a wide range of Fujitsu air conditioning models that serve a variety of applications and situations. Here are a few of the air conditioning styles offered:

  • Wall mounted
  • Multi system
  • Cassette
  • Ducted
  • Ceiling/floor console

Each of these air conditioning types are available in a variety of models designed for commercial and residential use. Here at Clements, we’ve got extensive experience in providing service for these models and types, ensuring that each job is backed by qualifications and many years of getting it right.

clements care air conditioning
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High quality service for high quality air conditioners

Fujitsu is acclaimed as one of the top air conditioner manufacturers in the world. When their dedication to design and craftsmanship meet our dedication to providing solid air conditioning installation and repair services, it results in a high level of customer satisfaction, as evidenced by our proven track record.

Interested? Give us a call

If you’d like more information on what a Fujitsu air conditioner can offer you, give us a call here at Clements. Our friendly, experienced and qualified staff will happily answer your questions and provide you with a free on-site assessment and quote. We look forward to hearing from and working with you!

clements care air conditioning
clements air conditioning
clements air conditioning
clements care air conditioning

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clements care air conditioning
clements care air conditioning


  • The most popular type of air conditioning unit
  • Efficiently cools or heats a single room
  • Stylishly designed to be installed on a wall
  • Numerous features increase energy efficiency, making more affordable to condition your room
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  • One outdoor unit can be connected to a wide variety of indoor units, including wall mounted, consoles, cassette and ducted units
  • Each room can be individually controlled, allowing you to set different temperatures in each room, helping save running costs by heating or cooling rooms as required
  • System settings allow you to save energy, helping reduce power costs
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  • You can control multiple rooms, or the entire house, using just one system
  • Exceptionally discreet, the system is concealed in your ceiling, offering seamless integration into your home’s décor
  • Can be operated from an easy to use LCD control
  • Quiet and efficient, and easy to maintain, offering perfect comfort throughout the entire home
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  • The cassette units are extremely discreet with only the grille showing in the ceiling
  • Air can be delivered in up to four directions, giving the room an even temperature distribution
  • A highly efficient fan design, its wide airflow distribution ensures even temperature distribution
  • Weekly timer allows you to plan your usage, helping you save on your power bills
  • Cassette units are easy to clean and maintain
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  • Can be installed on the floor or under the ceiling
  • Floor models provide convenient access closer to the floor
  • The under ceiling console is installed directly under the ceiling in your room
  • Dual console models can be installed either on the floor or under the ceiling
clements care air conditioning
clements care air conditioning
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