Benefits of insulation on airconditioning

The benefits of good insulation to home temperature control…

Clements care about the energy efficiency of your home. We want to do what’s best by the environment and our customers. While new homes are now built with sufficient insulation as standard, many older homes have none. If you live in an older home and have had a brand new, energy efficient air-conditioning units installed, you may have noticed the cool air doesn’t hold. This is because the home is not properly insulated. Sufficient insulation works hand in hand with artificial heating and cooling systems for optimal results.

Insulating your home has many benefits including adding comfort, contributing to a healthier environment and reducing your energy bills. Temperature control is one of the main advantages and will allow you to use your ducted or split system air-conditioning unit to its ultimate potential. Some sound-proofing effects are another added bonus of insulation, as well as assisting with moisture control.

 What are the Cost Benefits of Insulating Your Home?

The main cost benefit of insulation is energy efficiency. Insulation keeps your home naturally cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. With this natural temperature control, you’re reducing the workload onyour air-conditioning unit, thereby extending its lifetime and shrinking the immediate power bills. As mentioned above, the usefulness of even the best air-conditioning unit, can be compromised by a poorly insulated home space.

 What are the environmental benefits of insulation?

Simply being more energy efficient does more than reduce the average power bill. The less energy consumed heating or cooling the home, the more limited the impact on the environment. Essentially, you’re reducing your carbon footprint which is great news for future generations. Clements are committed to energy efficiency and the reduction of our carbon footprint. We use the most energy efficient units on the market, with the added benefit of reducing running costs for consumers.

If you’re interested in, and wondering how to become more energy efficient, contact Clements today on 0249 323 833.

We can help you to find a unit that works for your home and your needs and that will reduce your running costs. Working in tandem with sufficient insulation, you can enjoy the upcoming summer in cool comfort, without breaking the bank.

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