Energy Efficiency: A key ingredient in the success of your winery

In challenging and uncertain economic times, the majority of commercial refrigeration equipment is installed to meet an initial budget with often little regard given to the efficiency of the plant. Unfortunately, the result can be a significant impact on the financial success of your business across the lifetime of the equipment. Even though the plant […]

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Running costs of air conditioning & other household appliances

As the cost of electricity and other living expenses continue to rise, many Hunter Valley families are looking to save money on their energy bills. But you don’t want to sacrifice comfort and have your family sitting in sweat throughout Summer or chattering their teeth in cold conditions. Considering the convenience and level of temperature […]

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Spring Cleaning: Remember the last time you had your air conditioner serviced?

There’s a warmth in the air. Throughout the Hunter Valley we are seeing sunshine drenched days and getting a taste of warmer weather. Some would say that Spring has sprung. That means that Summer is just around the corner, and you may find yourself reaching for the air conditioning remote for the first time in […]

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The Clements Commitment

April 21, 2021 Air Conditioner

Our customers are our priority. That’s our commitment. Working with you on any custom air-conditioning, refrigeration or transportation job – no matter the scale – we make this commitment to you: Consistency We have built a team of dedicated professionals. With decades of experience, Clements will provide consistent, quality service throughout your project – from […]

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Your Home: A comfort zone in an unpredictable world

Oh, the weather outside can be frightful. And it seems to us to be growing more and more unpredictable each day. Although we can’t necessarily control what happens in the world around us, with a customised air-conditioning solution from Clements you can create a safe-haven of comfort and consistent temperature in your own home. Customised […]

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Is it time to clean your Air?

Who doesn’t love to breathe in some fresh air! A few deep breaths of clean air can really make us feel good. Unfortunately we live in a world with an overabundance of chemicals and compounds that not only our lungs have to deal with on a daily basis, but the air conditioners and ventilation systems […]

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Running your air conditioner after bushfire smoke

February 28, 2020 Uncategorized

The worst of the bushfire season is hopefully behind us but it’s likely to have left something behind in your air conditioner. Bushfire smoke is made up of fine particles and gases that can be harmful to human and animal health. These particles can affect eyes, nose, throat and lungs, aggravating existing respiratory and other […]

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How can I lower the humidity in my home this summer?

December 16, 2019 Air Conditioner

Summer is here, and sometimes it’s not the actual heat that is the biggest problem. It’s the humidity. The temperature can be relatively normal, though if it’s clammy outside, you’ll feel much, much hotter.  Indoor humidity can cause a great deal of discomfort during a heatwave. It can also cause other nasty problems like mould […]

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Keep your cool this Christmas

It’s time for jingle bells, madness at the shopping centre and big, merry gatherings with family and friends. In Australia, Christmas time also means it’s the peak of summer, and it’s usually pretty hot outside. This season has already shown us some scorchers, so we really want you to keep cool this Christmas, and throughout […]

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Choosing the right air-con solution for your home or business

November 7, 2019 Air Conditioner

This year we had a reasonably chilly winter, and now summer is just around the corner with its humid heat in tow. If your home or office premises has no air conditioning solutions, or if your current solutions are ageing and in need of replacement, you may be wondering what the best solution is for […]

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Cleaning your cold room and preventing mould

September 16, 2019 Food

At Clements, we love working in commercial refrigeration. We care about our clients, and want them to get the most out of their cool rooms. We understand that effective refrigeration is key to success in their business operations, and want to ensure everything runs smoothly. Whether you are a restaurant, or any business involving food, […]

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The history of spring cleaning and why your air-con needs it too

September 13, 2019 Air Conditioner

Spring, the season of new life, new beginnings, sunshine and sprouting plants. For those who like to keep the family home under control, Spring Cleaning is also on the agenda. The term ‘spring cleaning’ has been around for many generations, and is the process of thoroughly cleaning the house at the beginning of the season. […]

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FREE AirTouch with our next 30 AC installs- because LOVE is in the AIR at Clements!

August 25, 2019 Air Conditioner

Love is in the air at Clements!! To celebrate 30 years of Clements Air Conditioning servicing Maitland, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, we are giving away 30 FREE AirTouch systems to the first 30 people who have a new AC system installed!! At Clements, we care- and we are super excited about making our next […]

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Heating and cooling, how amazing are ducted air-conditioners

August 20, 2019 Air Conditioner

In 2019, most of the Australian population is well accustomed to being able to heat their homes during the winter, and cool them down during our hot, scorching summers. It’s really something we take for granted. Think about it, technology has made it possible for us to have a solution to both winter and summer […]

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Clements are proud sponsors of Thornton Junior Football’s first ever girls team

August 15, 2019 Kids

At Clements, we care, and we have been involved in the local community since we began in 1989. We love being able to support local sport, as we know how important it is for children and teens to have the opportunity to develop their talents, and learn valuable life-lessons from team and competitive sport. For […]

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Turn up the heat (in the kitchen) this winter

June 19, 2019 Recipe

At Clements, we care, and whilst we know you can stay super warm in the family home with your energy efficient air conditioning this Winter, we have thought of another way to stay extra toasty. It is likely that someone will be cooking for the family each day, but as the temperatures drop, you may […]

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First Creek Wines lead the way on energy efficiency with Clements

At Clements, we have a rich history in the wine industry spanning over 30 years, and we are particularly passionate about our local Hunter Valley vineyards. Refrigeration is an integral part of the wine making process, therefore, energy efficiency should always be a priority.   We were recently contracted by First Creek Wines for winery […]

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Too hot? Too cold? Why the temperature affects us so much!

April 17, 2019 Air Conditioner

Whether installing air conditioning units or engineering cooling and refrigeration systems, Clements are definitely in the business of climate control. Being around temperature technology all day gives you plenty to think about, and with summer recently cooling to autumn, and knowing the frost of winter is on the way… it makes you wish the temperature […]

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A brief history of electricity

March 8, 2019 Electricity

Electricity, a physical phenomenon that powers modern-day human existence. If you used a blender this morning, flicked on the TV, turned on the air conditioning or blew your hair dry with a hair dryer, you used electricity. Everywhere you turn, all our contemporary conveniences rely on it. It’s an easy thing to take for granted, […]

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Investment in Refrigeration Upgrades

January 21, 2019 Energy Efficiency

At Clements, commercial refrigeration services are among our specialties. We service many different industries such as wineries, dairies, hospitals, hotels, food production companies and more. CALL TODAY FOR AN OBLIGATION FREE CHAT about our various energy efficient products and services For more information on refrigeration feel free to contact our friendly team at Clements on 4932 […]

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Keep your cool this summer, without blowing the electricity bill

January 18, 2019 Saving Money

We are in the second month of summer and have already had some scorchers! This time of year always brings about mixed feelings of needing to use the air conditioning, and dreading what  that usage will do to your power bill. For those on the financially cautious side, don’t despair, you can have your cake […]

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Summer activities for families

January 11, 2019 School Holidays

At Clements, we care, and even though we love a good air conditioned home or office on a hot summer’s day, we also love the great outdoors. If you’d like to spend more time in the sun over the next few weeks, especially with the little people before they go back to school, here’s 10 […]

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Why does my air conditioning unit leak water?

December 21, 2018 Air Conditioner

You may have noticed a pool of water surrounding your outdoor air conditioning unit after it has been in use. This can be somewhat alarming, and while there is a possibility that it may signal an issue or fault, it’s more than likely just condensation and nothing to worry about. Here are some questions to […]

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It’s time for Summer Desserts

December 20, 2018 Recipe

At Clements, we love summer time. Being in the air conditioning and refrigeration business helps to appreciate the hotter months, but there’s lots of things to love about the season. Summer time means school holidays, Christmas, New Years, beach trips and amazing seasonal food. As Christmas is fast approaching, we’d like to share an Aussie […]

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Commercial energy efficiency that will give you the chills

At Clements, commercial refrigeration services are among our specialties. While we service many different industries such as dairies, hospitals, hotels, food production companies and more, we are particularly involved in the wine industry. As all wine makers will know, refrigeration is a key component in the production of wine in Australia. Unfortunately, it’s a component […]

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Spring cooking in 2018

October 10, 2018 Recipe

At Clements, we care, and now that spring is here, it’s time to put your kitchen to good use and cook up some tasty spring meals. Here’s one of our favourites, courtesy of Spring Vegetable Lasagne Stay healthy this spring with this veggie loaded twist on traditional comfort food. Packed with seasonal goodness, it’s […]

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Make your school cool! Attention Primary Schools and Preschools

August 30, 2018 Uncategorized

At Clements, we care about the community. To show this, we want to give away some cool air. One lucky local school or preschool is going to WIN two FREE US7 Daikin Air Conditioning units, fully installed in their classroom of choice. To select a winner, we will be having some fun, and running a […]

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5 things you didn’t know you could make from scratch at home

August 15, 2018 Recipe, Saving Money

Some people like to cook and make things from scratch as they prefer the organic, preservative-free approach. Others like to save money. No matter your motivation for going natural, knowing how to make certain household products from scratch can come in handy should you ever find yourself in desperate need with empty cupboards. At Clements, […]

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Can air-conditioning dry your skin?

Winter is here, and so too is the season for dry, irritated skin. Air conditioning is a fabulous human invention that provides us with a means of maintaining a comfortable room temperature all year round. As most air conditioners remove humidity from the room, staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter may […]

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Cooking with winter vegetables

July 6, 2018 Food, Recipe

At Clements, we care, and now that it’s winter, it’s even more important to eat healthier. Flu season has begun, and all manner of illnesses are doing the rounds. One of the best natural defences over the winter is maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. Eating seasonal produce guarantees that each meal is both healthy and […]

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What is an Air-Conditioning Inverter?

If you’re in the market for some air conditioning, whether ducted or split system, you may have heard mention of inverter technology. Unless air-con technology is your thing, you may also be wondering what this inverter stuff is, and what’s so special about it?  Advantages of Inverter technology Basically, an inverter controls the speed of […]

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Hearty ham hock and bean stew recipe

May 4, 2018 Food, Recipe

The weather is cooling, it’s time for some hearty ham hock and bean stew Now that we’re in late autumn and the weather is starting to give us glimpses of winter chill, it’s time for the slow cookers, stews and soups to come back out. Not only are they hearty winter menu items sure to […]

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Baking With Kids in the Holidays: Lava Cake Recipe

April 20, 2018 Food, Kids, Recipe, School Holidays

School holidays are in full swing and if you’re looking for some fun activities to do with your munchkins, we suggest baking. It’s lots of fun, provides them (and you) with a delicious snack afterwards, and teaches them a skill for life. That’s three birds with one stone! These chocolate lava cakes look like winners, […]

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Clean air in your home this winter

Have you ever wondered what your family is breathing in while at home? From mould, to pet dander and other pollutants, air quality within the household is a concern for most families, especially if you have a member that suffers from respiratory illnesses such as asthma. So, how can you keep the air clean so […]

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Sticky ginger chicken with peach salsa

March 19, 2018 Recipe

Another season is upon us. Summer has made an official exit and autumn is here. If you’re looking for something new and amazing to cook the family this time of year, we recommend trying this recipe courtesy of INGREDIENTS 1/3 cup ginger marmalade 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce 1 garlic clove, crushed 1/2 teaspoon dried […]

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March 14, 2018 School Holidays

The Easter Bunny is on his way! At Clements, we are so excited, we will be running a colouring contest for our local, chocolate-obsessed little people. You download and print off your colouring competition now or you can hop on in to our office or ask one of our mobile technicians to collect a printout […]

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Your Guide to Energy Efficiency

March 5, 2018 Energy Efficiency

Most adults responsible for household bills will be conscious of the concept of energy efficiency. When purchasing appliances and air-conditioning units, it’s important to keep energy efficiency in mind. The benefits of this are two-fold; the environment will thank you, and so will your bank account when the electricity bills come around. Did you know […]

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Beware! Common electrical hazards in the home

February 6, 2018 Electrical Hazards

Electricity has been an absolute blessing to humanity. From lightbulbs to microwave ovens, all modern conveniences stem from the ability to supply electric power to the home. While electricity is a beautiful thing, it does necessitate extreme caution. Many electrical hazards lurk in the average home, and it’s important to be vigilant, especially if you […]

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Berry smoothie ice-blocks

January 11, 2018 Recipe

Clements CARE about our local families and summer is a great time to be making healthy, delicious treats with your little people while they’re off school. We recommend trying these refreshing home-made ice-blocks from and involving the kids in the process! Enjoy! 4:05 Prep…. Makes 6…. Easy INGREDIENTS 2/3 cup orange juice 1/4 cup frozen raspberries […]

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BBQ Prawns

November 15, 2017 Recipe

Contrary to popular international opinion, no Aussie legitimately says “throw another shrimp on the barbie.” However, summer is here and we do think you should flame some prawns and try this recipe out! At Clements, we care, and this month we’d like to share this delicious seasonal recipe with all our friends, courtesy of […]

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Benefits of insulation on airconditioning

The benefits of good insulation to home temperature control… Clements care about the energy efficiency of your home. We want to do what’s best by the environment and our customers. While new homes are now built with sufficient insulation as standard, many older homes have none. If you live in an older home and have […]

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Spring School Holidays – Survival Tips

September 27, 2017 School Holidays

At Clements we care about the sanity of local parents. School holidays can be a wondrous time of family fun and games. However, they can also be busy, and extra time at home often leads to more requests for entertainment. If you’re not lucky enough to be off to a tropical island resort for the […]

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What is Renewable Energy?

September 26, 2017 Solar Power

Essentially, renewable energy is electricity not reliant on fossil fuels and instead powered by natural sources like sun, wind and water. This energy is a carbon-free alternative, and popularity is growing in Australia and throughout the world. Technology in the renewable energy arena is ever expanding and developing at a rapid and exciting pace. While […]

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Clements CARE about indoor air quality

September 4, 2017 Indoor Air Quality

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) defines indoor air as: “air within a building occupied for at least one hour by people of varying states of health.” Consequently, the quality of indoor air is defined as the “totality of attributes of indoor air that affect a person’s health and well-being.” Some studies have […]

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Clements provide After-CARE you can trust!

August 13, 2017 Maintenance and Services

At Clements we care, and so when your project is up and running, our service to you isn’t over. We have a complete service and maintenance support program designed to keep your plant and equipment operating at peak performance levels. You maintenance program is tailor made to suit your project needs, with the guarantee that […]

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Winter Cooking Tips

June 17, 2017 Food, Recipe

Winter Cooking- hearty food, small electricity bill Most of us associate winter time with the smells of slow cooked roasts and soups pleasantly permeating the family home. These aromas make home the warm and cosy refuge we need when the outdoors becomes too icy. With rising costs of electricity, however, some may wonder how much […]

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Stay warm in the winter and still save on your power bill…

May 31, 2017 Saving Money

Winter is coming, and so is the temptation to crank up the heat and leave it full blast until summer rolls around again. The good news is, you don’t need to stop using this amazing modern convenience, there are ways to save on power and still use the air conditioning. There’s a range of simple […]

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Air Conditioning- A Comprehensive History

May 22, 2017 Air Conditioner

Historically, the need for air-conditioning arose from the need to preserve foods and prevent their easy spoilage. With bacteria growing freely at room temperature, the need to keep food at or below 4 degrees Celsius became apparent. The discovery of the principles of absorption, showing that liquefied ammonia could chill air when allowed to evaporate, […]

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Time for more Autumn recipe delights…

May 11, 2017 Food, Recipe

Because at Clements we care, we’d like to send a couple more seasonal recipes your way. Try these beauties from separately or as a dinner/dessert combo to wow friends and family and stay warm this autumn. Mustard and Apple Chicken Bake  INGREDIENTS 4 Chicken Marylands (or 1.4kg chicken pieces on the bone) 2 bacon […]

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Everything you need to know about Neosys

April 6, 2017 Neosys

Air to Water Liquid chiller and heat pump At Clements, we care about your refrigeration needs. The reliability cost efficiency of your unit for your business is important to us. The new innovation to the market from Lennox, Neosys is an air to water liquid chiller and heat pump. It boasts smart aesthetics and low […]

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Top 2 Autumn Recipes

March 22, 2017 Food, Recipe

At Clements, we care… and with March now upon us, we wanted to share some of our favourite autumn recipes with you. Stay warm and healthy with some of these hearty meals from celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver. Sweet cherry tomato and sausage bake Easy one tray dish using fresh herbs and bold flavours to jazz […]

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Save on energy costs with our Winery Refrigeration services

February 22, 2017 Winery Refrigeration services

We’ve got a whole BUNCH of ideas on how you can save on your energy costs Clements has been actively involved in the wine industry for 30 years, so we are somewhat experts when it comes to wine. We know even more when it comes to helping winemakers significantly reduce their energy costs. The Hunter […]

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Getting off the Grid and Saving Money

January 19, 2017 Saving Money

Clements Air conditioning, Refrigeration and Electrical have been long term supporters of energy efficiency. Not only will this save money for families and businesses alike, it is far better for the environment. Renewable energy sources are of great interest going forward for both commercial and residential energy users as the need to save money and […]

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Getting ready to cut energy costs over summer

December 16, 2016 Summer

As the temperature heats up, you’ll need to have strategies in place to save energy during the Australian Summer when the weather is hot and you are trying to keep your family cool. Here at Clements we care about your energy needs, we have put together a list of 9 ways you can save money […]

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Where is Our Electricity Really coming from?

December 9, 2016 Energy Efficiency

Ever wondered where your electricity is really coming from? RenewEconcomy ( have worked together with Global-Roam to assist people in understanding how much renewable generation is currently contributing to electricity supplies in across the main electricity grids across Australia. The graph and table shows Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM) and how the electricity is being […]

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Save up to 46% on running costs with a Daikin

December 7, 2016 Air Conditioner

With summer on it’ s way out the door, we want you to be comfortable in winter as you snuggle up on the couch in a warm and cozy loungeroom. As winter kicks in, the last thing you want is for your old air conditioner to not be able to keep up with those frosty […]

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Summer is coming – Why Daikin Air Conditioners & You are a perfect match

November 3, 2016 Air Conditioner

Buying an air conditioning system is an investment for the future, so it pays to look beyond the initial purchase price. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for ducted air, multi split or split systems, it’s important to consider ongoing running costs, servicing, parts, and the air conditioner’s operating life. At Clements Air Conditioning, Refrigeration […]

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CEFC-Westpac scheme to help business adopt solar

October 11, 2016 Solar Power

Running a business has never been so expensive, however, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation are partnering with Westpac to offer a new loan facility that will help Australian businesses to invest in solar, battery storage, energy efficient technologies and electric vehicles . Earlier this year it was confirmed that the Westpac Energy Efficient Finance Program […]

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Choosing the right size for the job!

September 3, 2016 Air Conditioner

At Clements, we have a team of Air Conditioning Specialist will be able to determine the correct type and size of the system required for your home to maintain comfort all year round. Selecting the correct capacity system to suit your home is a critical step. Many factors determine the size of the system required, […]

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Maintain Your Air Conditioner

August 11, 2016 Air Conditioner

Maintenance of your air conditioning unit is very important and should be done on a regular basis. The good news is that maintenance on residential equipment does not involve too much!  The filters should be cleaned regularly and the homeowner can usually carry out this task but to maintain energy efficiency and system reliability the […]

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Winter Food to Warm The Inside Recipe

August 6, 2016 Recipe

Potato and Crispy Bacon Soup – ‘Cause you can’t do winter without soup! What you’ll need: · 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil · 100g (6 rashers) thinly sliced streaky bacon – finely chopped · 6 fresh marjoram sprigs · 1 onion – chopped · 2 garlic cloves – crushed · 1kg potatoes, peeled and cut […]

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Winter Recipe to Keep You Warm on the Inside

July 19, 2016 Food, Recipe

Chicken and Cheese Chimichangas (These are always a crowd pleaser!!) What you’ll need: · 1 whole chicken – cooked and shredded · Taco Sauce · 8 Soft Tortillas · Refried beans · 1 Packet of Baby Spinach · 1 Red Capsicum – thinly sliced · 1 cup of grated tasty cheese · ¼ cup of […]

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Keeping The Sun Out!

July 12, 2016 Solar Power

Did you know that unshaded external glass can transmit heat into a building at the rate of up to 400 Watts per m2. A normal sliding glass door exposed to direct sunlight can add nearly 2000Watts of heat load to a room in peak summer conditions. Of course this is not a problem in winter […]

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Keeping the Kids Entertained these School Holidays

July 6, 2016 Kids, School Holidays

Its every parent’s nightmare – how to keep the kids entertained and the holidays stress-free. We’ve taken some of the hard work out of coming up with ways to make sure your kids aren’t climbing the wall by the end of week one with these hands tips. Tip 1 – Get them in the Kitchen! […]

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Why Solar And Battery Storage Is Increasing And How It All Works

July 3, 2016 Solar Power

Why solar and battery storage is increasing and how it all works. ABC TV 7:30 Program footage on the rise of home battery storage in Australia.

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Solar Batteries- The Power Revolution Predicted To Change The World

June 26, 2016 Solar Power

Solar batteries are changing the world wide landscape of the energy industry worldwide and Australia is leading the way. Electricity prices have increased by 70% over the past four years and now home owners are fighting back with over 1.4million homes fitted with solar and a surge of interest in solar batteries taking off. When […]

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The Importance Of Solar Maintenance & Repairs

June 12, 2016 Solar Power

During the Solar Bonus Scheme period many small companies popped up out of nowhere to take advantage of the generous incentives offered . Many installations were completed by companies far away from the customers premises by small subcontractor teams. Most of these companies disappeared as quickly as they came when the government incentives dried up […]

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Winter = Food

June 5, 2016 Food, Recipe

Right? At such a cold and chilly time of year – its always the best time for delicious food. Roast Dinners, Yummy Soups, Comfort Food to the MAXX! Time to get your ovens cranking and the slow cookers out – it’s time for a winter feast!! We’ve collated some of our favorite winter recipes and […]

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Solar Power- What are the benefits?

June 3, 2016 Solar Power

Solar power is still a great investment in NSW even in the absence a feed-in tariff incentive in the state. The fact that solar PV system prices have been declining combined with the fact that retail electricity rates have risen significantly in recent years means that solar panels can now serve as a cost-effective, rooftop […]

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Short Survey of Chalcogenide Based Thin-Film Solar Cells

December 21, 2015 Solar Power

With increasing environmental concerns and greenhouse effects, almost every country is looking for ways to mitigate these concerns. Solar energy reaching the Earth’s surface provides an energy supply potential surpassing the power consumption of our civilization by three orders of magnitude. Still, this immense source of energy is unused because of certain very specific problems […]

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Should you Install your Air Conditioner Yourself?

December 14, 2015 Air Conditioner

After you have successfully purchased an air conditioning unit of your choice, it’s now time to install it. Like all other installation jobs, you have the option to either do things on your won or hire a professional to do it for you. Of course, each of the two options has their own set of […]

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Energy Saving Tips in a Supermarket Business

December 6, 2015 Energy Efficiency

Owners and operators of grocery stores and supermarkets very well know that energy efficiency is an important factor for the business’ success. Most supermarkets run more than 8 hours a day. Air conditioning systems and refrigerators are all turned on during this time period, which means that electricity also keeps on running. Top tips for […]

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Tax Break gives Business a Boost!

September 16, 2015 Saving Money

Following from an initiative by the Commonwealth Government, business owners may be entitled to a bonus 30% tax deduction when purchasing eligible depreciating assets used in carrying out a business. Under the proposed legislation, new assets purchased between 13/12/08 and 30/6/09 will receive a once off 30% tax bonus. Following from an initiative by the […]

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When to Schedule a Maintenance Visit from your Refrigeration Expert

January 11, 2015 Maintenance and Services

Refrigerators, as with any other large appliances in your household like air conditioning units should be properly maintained for superior performance. Top reasons why refrigerator maintenance is essential Aside from the air conditioning unit, your refrigerator is probably one home appliance that you and your family use often and cost a lot. In addition to […]

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Top 5 Benefits of Heating System Preventive Maintenance

January 4, 2015 Energy Efficiency

Your heating system at home is very important especially on cold weather. Because they are often used especially in winter, they become susceptible to damages, thus affecting its functionality. Though you are busy with work or your family, your heating system’s maintenance is essential. After all, a little money spent on regular inspection and cleaning […]

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