Choosing the right size for the job!

September 3, 2016 Air Conditioner

Beautiful girl holding a remote control air conditioner

At Clements, we have a team of Air Conditioning Specialist will be able to determine the correct type and size of the system required for your home to maintain comfort all year round.

Selecting the correct capacity system to suit your home is a critical step. Many factors determine the size of the system required, such as building construction materials (thermal mass) insulation levels, room size and usage, window size and position, external/internal shading, occupancy rate and utilisation of floorspace.

An over-designed System can lead to:

  • Increased Running cost
  • Excessive noise and vibration
  • Uneven temperature distribution

An under-designed System can lead to

  • increased running costs.
  • inability to achieve comfort conditions
  • Uneven temperature distribution
  • Shortened service life of equipment

You need a system that is designed to suit your home, and also ‘how you live’ in your home. You not only need to consider what areas of your home need to be air conditioned, but also how many areas you want to have air conditioned at the same time.

Contact the Air Conditioning specialist at Clements today to find out what Size System you need for your home. Get in quick – before it gets too cold! Send us an email or give us a call on 4932 3833

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