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August 13, 2017 Maintenance and Services

At Clements we care, and so when your project is up and running, our service to you isn’t over. We have a complete service and maintenance support program designed to keep your plant and equipment operating at peak performance levels. You maintenance program is tailor made to suit your project needs, with the guarantee that priority of service is paramount, and the minimum time for attendance will be observed.


Why is maintenance and servicing important?

Whenever mechanical equipment is present, maintenance is required. Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment are no exceptions and will need servicing done at regular intervals. Most businesses rely heavily on the effective operation of this equipment, and therefore, servicing and maintenance should be of high priority. Long term, the cost of inadequate maintenance will be far greater than the upfront costs of proactively caring for mechanical equipment. The breakdown of cost vs benefit of regular servicing can be broken down as follows:

  • Poor maintenance practices= high cost of operation + high failure rate + low product security + shortened service life
  • Good maintenance practices= low operating cost + low failure rate + high product security + extended service life

Regular servicing should be viewed as an investment in the business as opposed to a simple expense. The return proves product time and time again as savings are made from reduced breakdown costs, reduced downtime, less product wastage and enhanced customer goodwill.

Choosing the right plan for you…

At Clements, we understand that not every individual or business will have the same level of needs for service, as well as differing budget constraints. We have two different plans available that can be tailored to your specific needs.

The Standard Maintenance Plan

For a set fee, Clements will carry out a schedule of designated maintenance tasks as recommended by the equipment manufacturer or designer, to keep the plant in good condition and operating effectively.

For all tasks to be completed thoroughly, a certain amount of time and materials are required, so when you see “super cheap” maintenances prices, chances are that service provider has not allotted sufficient time to complete the job properly. This may save you in the short run, but as explained above, the long term costs are sure to be double.

Where maintenance is concerned, cheapest is usually not best and it is imperative to have confidence is in the integrity and capability of the service provider.

The Comprehensive Maintenance Plan

The difference between the standard and the comprehensive maintenance plans is that for a set regular payment, the service provider bears the cost of all equipment maintenance and breakdown.

This way, it is in the best interest of both the service provider AND the customer, that breakdowns are kept to an absolute minimum. This arrangement is much more intensive, with a stricter maintenance regimen and immediate repair of any faults that are found without any need to wait for authority to proceed. Small problems are able to be caught before they are major issues as repairs are never postponed.

When the service provider assumes the risk for the cost of equipment breakdown, as we do under the comprehensive maintenance plan contract, it is in their best interest to ensure the costs are kept to a minimum. This is achieved through stringent quality assurance protocols and documentation control, combined with effective supervision, training and contract management.

At Clements we pride ourselves on our ability to utilize labour resources in an efficient manner, which allows a more intensive approach to routine maintenance. Consequently, we are able to lessen the demand for labour during the busy months of summer, and increase it during the quieter months of the year.

If you’re looking for air conditioning or refrigeration that is reliable, and you would like the service to continue long after the installation process is complete, give us a call at Clements today on 4932 3833.

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