Businesses we have worked with in Australia and New Zealand include:

Iron gate estate
Draytons family wines
Binnorie dairy

What do our clients think about Clements?

“You’ll no doubt be pleased to hear the comparisons between last year’s electricity bill and this year’s summer bill.

Summer 2013 – 2014  Without solar $1,235-74

Summer 2014 – 2015  Less about 2 weeks, as meter was read mid Nov, and you installed solar on 1st Dec, so only about 11 weeks with solar $372-17.

 A saving of $863-57  Gotta be happy with that.”

Ted, 2015

Thankyou for the files. Earlier today I EFT’d the amount of $1582.80 to your Timtrel account with Maitland Mutual due to the failure of an automated funds transfer (explanation by the bank did not make any sense). I sincerely apologies for the delay in finalising my account, and you should have the funds Mon or Tue at the latest.

I would like to take this opportunity to thankyou for the service that you provided. I am so very glad that I took the advice and clarification from a friend of mine that recommended you. I would also like you to pass on my thanks to your staff whose work, clean up and explanations of the work that they undertook were very much appreciated.

Thankyou again


Brokenwood have implemented a number of energy efficiency technologies, including a refrigeration upgrade designed and installed by CARE, which have resulted in energy savings of almost 40% across the site.

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