Commercial energy efficiency that will give you the chills

At Clements, commercial refrigeration services are among our specialties. While we service many different industries such as dairies, hospitals, hotels, food production companies and more, we are particularly involved in the wine industry. As all wine makers will know, refrigeration is a key component in the production of wine in Australia. Unfortunately, it’s a component often taken for granted, with little consideration given to the costs involved with the required equipment.

Energy costs are still on the rise, and all commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment and components are now manufactured to provide the most energy efficient solutions possible. Governing bodies have also placed stringent energy guidelines on this process, however, even the most efficient plant can be sadly misrepresented as inefficient if the application engineering is not conducted properly to suit the specific needs of the end user.

To ensure the highest possible level of energy efficiency, the application engineering, installation and commissioning has to be carried out correctly. It’s an intricate process involving many components such as:

  • Compressors
  • Motors
  • Evaporators/ Heat Exchangers
  • Condensers/ Heat Exchangers
  • Pumps
  • Control Equipment

With over 40 years’ experience in the industry, at Clements we pride ourselves on our ability to offer our clients turnkey projects providing design, installation and commissioning of energy efficient refrigeration plants specifically engineered for their industry.

When looking for more energy efficient solutions or your commercial refrigeration needs, we understand that a new plant is not always an option due to high capital costs. That’s why we also specialise in re-engineering existing plants, and we have done this successfully for many clients. These projects have resulted in energy savings of up to 40%, providing a payback on their investment in as little as two years.

At Clements, we CARE and we have adapted our extensive knowledge and involvement in wine to suit other commercial and industrial refrigeration industries. We have experience in the following sectors:

  • Refrigeration Plant Energy Auditing
  • Cold Storage/ Cold Chain Refrigeration
  • Process Cooling and Heating
  • General Commercial Refrigeration
  • Industrial Refrigeration
  • Dairy Industry
  • Confectionery Industry

Some of our industrial clients include; Cypress Lakes, Hope Estate, Drayton Wines, Bibina and Maitland Hospital just to name a few.

If you would like to discuss the specific refrigeration requirements of your business with professionals who CARE about your energy efficiency and running costs, feel free to contact our engineer at Clements, Les by email- or give Clements Air conditioning, Refrigeration and Electrical a call on (02) 4932 3833.

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