Everything you need to know about Neosys

April 6, 2017 Neosys

Air to Water Liquid chiller and heat pump

At Clements, we care about your refrigeration needs. The reliability cost efficiency of your unit for your business is important to us.


The new innovation to the market from Lennox, Neosys is an air to water liquid chiller and heat pump. It boasts smart aesthetics and low noise levels, making Neosys a discrete liquid chiller solution that can be delivered to you ready for use.

Whether at full load capacity or partial, the Neosys delivers energy efficiency through the use of R410A multi-scroll compressors and precise algorithms. The unit is equipped with high-performance cooling systems that reduce energy consumption and optimise heat exchange, encouraging eco-efficiency.

A key feature of the Neosys unit by Lennox is the adjustable night and day sound level. Designed to achieve one of the lowest noise levels on the market, Neosys is fitted with an Active Acoustic Attenuation System, patented and designed to allow the customer to choose performance level required, program or set noise level by time, and also eliminating start and stop noises. This revolutionary technology is principally based on the new fan blades and the operation of the scroll compressor. It basically takes care of everything.

More than 20% of total energy costs of a chiller can be attributed to the cost pumping power. The pump is the main item of consumption in a water system. Lennox had made the eDrive variable speed pump technology in response to the need to save on energy and installation costs. The eDrive works by automatically controlling energy costs. It aims to be ecologically friendly by not only reducing energy consumption but also extending the product lifecycle, facilitating repair and recycling, and limiting the use of toxic substances.

The Neosys was designed to focus on performance and longevity. Superior reliability is ensured through extended qualification tests. An aluminium micro channel heat exchanger (for cooling only) provides triple the resistance to corrosion and a mechanically designed protection of the fins, reducing clogging.


If you’re in the market for refrigeration or looking for a new liquid chiller option that will save you money on energy costs, remain friendly to the environment and reduce the operational noise levels- the Lennox Neosys is for you. Call Clements today on 4932 3833 for more information about Neosys and commercial refrigeration options.

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