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August 20, 2019 Air Conditioner

In 2019, most of the Australian population is well accustomed to being able to heat their homes during the winter, and cool them down during our hot, scorching summers. It’s really something we take for granted. Think about it, technology has made it possible for us to have a solution to both winter and summer using one product, the air conditioner.

So, how does this magical invention work to both heat and cool rooms, homes and businesses?

All forms of climate control actually work due to three basic components, which are; a source of warm or cooled air, a means for the air to then be distributed to the target area, and a way to control and regulate the temperature. Central air conditioning allows both air types to flow through the same ducts and arrive in the specified zone using one thermostat/control.

Whether you are using the heating or the air-conditioning, they actually work on the same principle; that heat will always move from a warm object to a cooler one, similar to the way water flows from higher to lower levels. So, how does ducted air-conditioning accomplish heating and cooling?


During the winter, ducted air conditioning is able to heat specified zones using a reverse cycle heat pump. A reverse cycle heat pump will absorb warmth from the outdoor air to heat the indoor air. To soak up the heat from outside, a refrigerant is passed through an external coil, then pumped through a compressor into a fan coil unit, which is inside the building. Heat is then released in to the room/target zone. This may seem impossible when the weather is so cold and bleak, but reverse cycle heat pumps are able to accomplish this even in freezing conditions. The process is also far more energy efficient than heating alternatives such as portable electric heaters.


 Your ducted air conditioner system also contains an evaporator coil. In the summer months when it’s hot, warm air blows across the indoor evaporator coil, and the heat energy from this then transfers to the refrigerant inside the coil. This cools the air, and the refrigerant is then pumped back into the compressor and the cycle starts again. During this process, the heat that is absorbed by the refrigerant is transported outside the home, and cool air continues to blow inside.

Another advantageous function of ducted air conditioners is that they condense the amount of moisture in the air, meaning they reduce humidity in the building.

The modern day ducted air conditioning system is a truly remarkable invention that has allowed us to live comfortably during extreme weather, whether hot or cold. It’s quite a cool concept that the one ducted system can bring both warm air and cool air on demand!

For all your air-conditioning needs, whether residential or commercial, ducted air or split system, the team at Clements have been helping Hunter Valley homes have perfect temperature control all year round for 30 years. Please give us a call to discuss your needs on 4932 3833.

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