The Importance Of Solar Maintenance & Repairs

June 12, 2016 Solar Power

During the Solar Bonus Scheme period many small companies popped up out of nowhere to take advantage of the generous incentives offered . Many installations were completed by companies far away from the customers premises by small subcontractor teams. Most of these companies disappeared as quickly as they came when the government incentives dried up leaving customers with no recourse in the event of breakdowns and warranty claims.

Eventually all systems will need some servicing or repair to keep them operating at optimum level. Clements Solar offer planned and reactive maintenance services. Even to systems installed by other firms.

Our experienced electrical engineers recommend an annual solar maintenance check. During this check they will:

  • Clean solar panels
  • Check racking and wiring
  • Ensure the inverter is fully functioning
  • Check no damage has occurred during storms or extreme winds
  • Fix any minor issues and provide a quote for any major repairs needed
  • Check the overall performance of your solar system

The Clements team of Solar Power experts are at the ready to answer any Solar related questions you may have so give them a call today on 02 4932 3833 to book in your solar maintenance check or solar repairs today.

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