Clements is one of the largest companies of its kind in the Newcastle NSW & Hunter Region. Our expertise in air conditioning, refrigeration and electrical spans many decades and our clients are spread across the east coast of Australia but generally concentrated within the area between the Sydney metropolitan region and the Central West of NSW.

Commercial Air Conditioning

With over seventy years of combined experience in the design and installation of commercial air conditioning systems, Clements has the expertise and flexibility to tailor the ideal system for your business.

Over the years, we have handled air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance for small offices, multi-story buildings, and large industrial facilities in NSW. For us at Clements, no work is too easy nor too complex, and so we exert the same quality each time we handle a job. With Clements, you can definitely rest assured that you can trust us at any time to attend to your needs wherever you are in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley orsurrounding regions!

Choose Clements for your commercial air conditioning needs

Here at Clements, we give so much value to: 1) our clients, and 2) sustainable air conditioning. As such, we make sure that we only use high quality systems from the world’s best manufacturers, Clements are trusted as authorised dealers for suppliers including Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu and Actron Air.

In the selection of air conditioning products for a project we need to consider:

  • That the unit cooling/heating capacity is adequate for the anticipated load.
  • The equipment is well constructed and designed to handle the site conditions.
  • The energy efficiency of the equipment (COP or Star Rating)
  • The manufacturers service and spare parts network
  • Warranty Support
Clements Commercial Air Conditioning


Looking for high quality Air Conditioning service? Give us a call

If you’re in need of one of the services we’ve listed above, or virtually any air conditioning service, give our experts at Clements a call. Our aim is to satisfy every customer we serve across NSW, with our high quality, comprehensive air conditioning services. Call for a free consultation and quote today.

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Choose energy efficient air conditioners

For business and commercial property owners in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley region, capital investment is significant. Hence, it is important to consider the ongoing operating cost of the system by making sure that systems are correctly designed, installed and maintained to optimise efficiency and minimise the ongoing operating cost of equipment. A small cost saving at the design stage may have a major impact in life cycle operating costs.

Clements understands the importance of the need for sustainability and environmental responsibility. As such, our design and installation team will take time to understand your company’s needs, analysing your building’s design and your requirements before recommending the most energy efficient and effective option, while minimising environmental impact. The resulting solution will offer the best combination of all available equipment, tailored specifically to your requirements.

Additionally, the importance of accurate control systems is paramount, to give you the most efficient and reliable control over your air conditioning system.

As a Schneider Electric Buildings Partner, Clements can engineer and install the Building Management Control System to suit your needs. Careful management and monitoring of room conditions and plant status allow total control to optimise performance and occupant comfort. Powerful Scheduling tools can adjust set points of unoccupied areas and avoid unnecessary run time.

For the environmentally conscious building owner/operator and those wishing to minimise their air conditioning systems’ operating costs, Clements also offer the amazing PCM product from Phase Change Energy Solutions Australia. When added to the building structure, this increases thermal mass to dramatically reduce the energy requirement for heating and cooling the building Interior.

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We’d love to discuss all your options with you. Feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience and let’s talk about how you can better manage your overhead expenses while also contributing to a more liveable planet. Talk to you soon!

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