Ducted Air Conditioning

If you’re in need of installation, repair or maintenance of your fully ducted air conditioning system, you’ll find our services here at Clements very accommodating. On this webpage, learn more about fully ducted systems and what we can do to assist you with yours.

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The benefits of ducted air conditioning

Here are a few of the benefits that fully ducted air conditioning systems provide:

  • Consistent temperature and airflow through each room
  • Seamless integration with the design of your home – you don’t see the ducts!
  • Efficiency through reverse cycle heating and cooling
  • Zone controlling (with some models)
  • May be cheaper in the long run, as opposed to other air conditioning styles
clements air conditioning

A wide range of brands and models serviced

We provide our clients with service regarding quite a wide range of popular air conditioning models and types. Our air conditioning experts have worked with popular brands like Hitachi and Fujitsu, among others, which means you can rest assured that we’ve got the experience required to work with just about any air conditioning system make or model you’d like to have installed or serviced.

Interested in ducted air conditioning? Give us a call

If you’re looking for high quality service regarding your fully ducted air conditioning system, give us at Clements a call. You’ll find our professional, punctual and experienced technicians to be very helpful in getting your air conditioning system up and running as efficiently as possible.

Call today for a free quote and on-site assessment. We look forward to providing you with the same high quality level of service we’ve been providing our other clients in the Maitland area for years.

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Looking for a reliable air conditioning maintenance team? Give us a call!

If you’re in need of quality maintenance or installation of your split system air conditioner, give Clements a call. Our trained, experienced and certified air conditioning experts are on hand to provide you with an on-site assessment and quote. We look forward to providing you with the same high level quality service we’ve been providing our clients in the Maitland region for years.

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Businesses that may require ducted air conditioning

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