Is it time to clean your Air?

Who doesn’t love to breathe in some fresh air! A few deep breaths of clean air can really make us feel good. Unfortunately we live in a world with an overabundance of chemicals and compounds that not only our lungs have to deal with on a daily basis, but the air conditioners and ventilation systems we use have to deal with these dangers every time you turn them on. And like anything we use time and time again, our air conditioners will eventually wear down and become less effective in their application. The scary part is that most of the time you don’t even realise when you may be breathing in something bad for your health. As COVID-19 has emerged there has never been a better time to clean your air.

So what are some of these chemicals and compounds? And what can they do to our health?

There too many chemicals and compounds to name here but most of us encounter hundreds or even thousands of such substances every day. Known types could include certain toxins, allergens, poisons, fumes from synthetic materials, air pollutions from exhaust fumes of vehicles passing by or tobacco smoke, cleaning agents used in our homes, pollens for those of us affected by hay fever or untreated moulds in the home. Anything that isn’t natural to our bodies can be hazardous to us.

Many of these substances appear to be almost completely harmless, others potentially harmful but unlikely to get into our bodies in a large enough quantities, while others may be incredibly harmful, even in very small quantities. Countless studies have been conducted on the links to heart, lung and brain disease and inhaled airborne chemicals. It’s been shown that long enough exposure to these harmful and toxic substances may be the root cause of such illnesses.

All of these substances combined can make a house’s air not only uncomfortable but downright, toxic! The answer? Keep reading below.

How can Clements Air Conditioning help keep me and my air clean and safer?

Reducing the risk of exposure to anything harmful to us has long been part of any good long term strategy for safety. Sadly, there’s not much we can do to stop exposure to all chemicals and compounds, unless you’re prepared to move to one of the most remote parts of our planet, but in reality that’s not the case for most of us! Today as we face the ongoing battle of COVID-19 there has never been a better time to protect your air and your family’s overall health.

Fortunately there’s a lot you can do to reduce your risk to harmful airborne chemicals. At Clements we care about your health and wellbeing and recommend keeping your air conditioning working at its optimum level as this will ensure ventilation & filtering systems are doing their jobs effectively. We can assess your air conditioning needs and make recommendations to keep your house hold air clean and fresh.

If you need help with your air conditioning and ventilation systems to help minimise the risk of environmental exposure, give one of our friendly AIRxperts a call on (02) 4932 3833. They can have a look at your filtering and humidity options, as well as the temperature settings and adjust them where necessary to help look after your health. At Clements, we care.

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