Keeping The Sun Out!

July 12, 2016 Solar Power

Did you know that unshaded external glass can transmit heat into a building at the rate of up to 400 Watts per m2. A normal sliding glass door exposed to direct sunlight can add nearly 2000Watts of heat load to a room in peak summer conditions. Of course this is not a problem in winter except that some heat is also lost to the glass when in heating mode.

Ideally to minimise summer heat transmission all external glass should be shaded. Verandas and deciduous tree are ideal so that windows are more shaded in summer and less so in winter.

If external shade is not an option the best approach is to install heat reflective blinds that can be drawn during the warmer period, If you prefer to keep the blinds open, opt for double glazing or UV-rated window film, which serves to allow light to flow into the room, while filtering out the UV and dramatically reducing the amount of heat that enters via the window. In addition, the UV window film can also prevent fading on carpets, rugs and upholstery.


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