Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Maintenance

CARE service doesn’t stop after the project is up and running. CARE provides a complete service and maintenance support service to keep your plant and equipment operating at peak performance. We can tailor a maintenance plan to suit your needs. To contract clients we guarantee priority of service and minimum time for attendance.

Which of the following Programmed Maintenance Plans is best for you?

The Need for Effective Maintenance

All mechanical equipment requires that some degree of maintenance be carried out at regular intervals to keep it operating efficiently and effectively. Refrigeration and air conditioning plant equipment is no different. However, because of the important nature of the plant to the business operation it is essential that maintenance be afforded a high priority. Ineffective or incorrect maintenance can be costly to the business operator. The sums are simple.

  • Poor Maintenance Practices = High Cost of Operation + High Failure Rate + Low Product Security + Shortened Service Life
  • Good Maintenance Practices = Low Operating Cost + Low Failure Rate + High Product Security + Extended Service Life

Wise business managers recognise that investment in effective maintenance is never wasted but returned many times over in reduced breakdown costs, reduced downtime, less product wastage and enhanced customer goodwill.

Which maintenance plan is right for you?

  • Standard Maintenance Plan

Under a Standard maintenance plan a service provider, for a set fee will carry out a schedule of designated maintenance tasks as set down by the equipment manufacturer or designer that are designed to keep the plant in good condition and operating effectively. For these tasks to be carried out properly a certain amount of time and materials is required which incur some cost and which the service provider must cover with his fee. A “super cheap” maintenance price should automatically indicate that the service provider has not allowed sufficient time for the work to be done properly. In this case expect to pay double in the long run.

To achieve a good outcome from a standard maintenance plan the manager must be confident in the integrity and abilities of the service provider. The general rule; cheapest is not the best.

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Plan

A comprehensive maintenance plan differs from the standard approach to equipment maintenance in that for a set regular payment the service provider bears the cost of all equipment maintenance and breakdown.

Under this arrangement it is in the service provider’s, as well as the customers, interests that equipment breakdowns are kept to an absolute minimum. A much more intensive maintenance regimen is applied and any faults found during maintenance are repaired immediately without the need to wait for authorization to proceed. This ensures that small problems do not become major ones when they either remain undetected or repairs are postponed due to budget constraints or procedural delays. Equipment reliability, operating efficiency (running cost) and effective service life are also greatly increased by the application of a more rigorous maintenance programme.

When the service provider assumes the risk for equipment breakdown cost, as we do under contracts of this type, it is in his/her interest to ensure that these costs are kept to a minimum. This is achieved by taking a more rigorous approach to maintenance procedures and by utilizing quality assurance procedures and documentation to control the process combined with effective supervision, training and contract management

As the service provider we also derive considerable benefit in that we are able to utilize labour resources much more efficiently as a more intensive approach to routine maintenance tends to lessen the demand for labour during the busy summer months and increase it during the quieter times of the year. This is a great benefit to a company operating in such a seasonally dependent industry particularly in the current labour market where it is difficult to retain quality staff.

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air con maintenance
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