Make Your School Cool Clements Air Conditioning

CONGRATULATIONS – We had the pleasure of presenting Rutherford Public School with their first prize voucher for winning our Make Your School Cool contest. They have won two brand new, fully installed, US7 units (valued at $9,000) from Daikin Australia and Clements.

With over 500 sightings in total, and 362 in favour of Rutherford public, it’s safe to say we had a lot of fun being spotted out-and-about in our Clements vehicles. We’d like to again thank everyone who participated in the fun. There are now 1,000 happy students who are soon to be “cool at school.”

We also had the privilege of stopping by King St Community Pre-School East Maitland. They were presented with the Make Your School Cool contest second place prize, which is a voucher for $1,000 worth of air conditioning servicing! We look forward to helping them out in maintaining their existing system, so it can continue to produce clean air for their little ones and staff.

King St families lodged a massive 116 sightings in the competition. Thank you so much for your enthusiastic participation, and to all schools and families for making the contest so fun!

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