When to Schedule a Maintenance Visit from your Refrigeration Expert

January 11, 2015 Maintenance and Services

Refrigerators, as with any other large appliances in your household like air conditioning units should be properly maintained for superior performance.

Top reasons why refrigerator maintenance is essential

Aside from the air conditioning unit, your refrigerator is probably one home appliance that you and your family use often and cost a lot.

In addition to these, here are the most important reasons why refrigerator maintenance makes sense financially and environmentally.

  1. Longer life span

Since you spent a huge chunk of money buying the refrigerator, you want to make the most out of what you spent for it and to make sure you get your money’s worth. For this reason, refrigerator maintenance is important so you don’t spend money again on expensive repairs or early replacement.

Refrigerators come with a manufacturer warranty. Some refrigerators can last more than the expected life span as advised by the manufacturer if it’s properly maintained.

  1. Surprise breakdowns

Whether you use the refrigerator for your business or for your household, you want to avoid any surprise breakdowns. You want to be able to rely to your refrigerator to function despite the weather conditions at the state where you reside at.

The heat can push your refrigerator to its limits and can cause it to break down amidst the hottest days in your state. If seen and inspected regularly by refrigerator maintenance experts, your refrigerator is less likely to break down since they can spot any potential problems early and find any remedy even before the problem becomes worse.

  1. Energy efficiency

A refrigerator that has gone years without being maintained will be less energy efficient. Because of this, the cost of your electric bill may potentially go up, thus causing you to pay more while getting a low performance.

This can also be a disadvantage if you use the refrigerators for your business. The cost you pay will likely be higher and you are not helping your business and the environment.

These top reasons should be enough for you to realize that spending money on preventive maintenance is better than spending it on repair or early replacement.

Signs that tells you it’s time to schedule a refrigerator maintenance

Refrigerator maintenance can prevent clogging or breaking down issues which could lead to food getting spoiled and rotten.

The following are the top signs which means you should give your refrigerator maintenance expert a call.

  1. Check the blades. If they are worn, bent, or cracked, you have to call the experts to replace them.
  2. When you spot the evaporator and the condensing oil as unclean, you can clean them yourself or get expert instructions from your refrigeration maintenance company.
  3. When the fan motor seems to run slower than usual, it may need to be replaced as well. Only the experts can tell you if it’s running at optimum speed or not so it’s best to consult them regarding this matter.
  4. If you notice a decay in the suction lines, call the experts as this can cause water damage or condensation.
  5. Have them check also the electrical wirings to ensure they are tight and there are no loose wires.

Choose Clements for your refrigerator’s preventive maintenance


Clements understands that it’s very important to detect the signs of faulty equipment at an early stage to help customers save money on repair cost or the cost of a new purchase.

Our proactive approach in refrigerator maintenance will ensure savings for your household and less disruption of your business.

Call us today at (02) 4932 3833 to schedule a preventive maintenance check-up for your refrigerator at home or your business.

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