Clements is one of the largest companies of its kind in the Newcastle NSW & Hunter Region. Our expertise in air conditioning, refrigeration and electrical spans many decades and our clients are spread across the east coast of Australia but generally concentrated within the area between the Sydney metropolitan region and the Central West of NSW.

Residential air conditioning, as a rule, is not often used every day or for long periods. Many systems may not operate at all for extended periods of time when weather conditions are mild. It is however important to know that your air conditioning will operate effectively when it is needed. As a minimum we recommend a pre-summer and pre-winter check of your system. The maintenance procedures are basic ie

  • Check and clean filters
  • Check refrigerant charge and operating efficiency
  • Check and clean condensate drains
  • Check airflow around outdoor unit and clear any accumulation of rubbish that may hinder airflow
Clements Air Conditioning

To determine which plan fits your business requirements, there are certain aspects clements care need to consider such as:.

  • The type of equipment (HVAC or refrigeration) and complexity
  • The current age and condition of the plant
  • The type of commercial operation (eg. Commercial office space, Health, hospitality, primary production, frozen food storage etc)
  • The priority of the plant (How essential is it to the functioning of the business)

These factors and often many more will be discussed and considered with the customer before deciding on the correct approach that will deliver the desired outcome at the least possible cost.

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