Frequently Asked Questions

Things to consider when you buy an air conditioner

When purchasing an air conditioner, a number of things can help to enhance the operating efficiency of your system and therefore minimise energy costs.

Ask our home air conditioning consultant for advice on the following:

How can I improve the thermal efficiency of the building?

  • Install ceiling or wall insulation
  • Improve infiltration by re-sealing doors and window openings
  • Shade external windows using shades and awnings
  • Double glazing or reflective film
  • Selective Deciduous Landscape plantings to provide summer shade and Winter Warmth
  • Increase thermal mass by adding Phase Change Material to building envelope.
  • Apply Heat Reflective Paint to building envelope.

Do I need to air condition the whole house, or just a few rooms?

  • The planned occupancy and pattern of usage can have a big bearing on selection of equipment and operating cost

What type of air conditioner will I need?

  • Air Conditioning equipment is manufactured in many different configurations. Eg Window/wall, wall mounted split system, ceiling cassette, floor console, Split ducted, and many other variations. There is one to suit your needs.

Where do I want to install my air conditioning?

  • Take the time to properly plan the location of your air conditioner, you will get more out of your systems and greatly increase efficiency.

Price is important of course but remember to :

  • Do the homework
  • Compare apples to apples
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