Residential Air Conditioning

Purchasing a new residential air conditioning system is a significant investment. However, the upfront cost, including installation, is only a fraction of its cost over its lifetime.

Many don’t realise the day-to-day running costs of a residential air conditioner far outweighs its initial purchase and installation costs. Therefore, it’s absolutely essential to gain the right advice and choose an energy efficient system.

Clements  has over seven decades of experience in the design and installation of residential air conditioning systems. We will tailor the ideal and most energy efficient system for your home, guaranteed to keep the family cool in summer and warm in winter, without breaking the family budget.

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we are offering fixed price residential servicing from only $79*.

*T&Cs – Geographical limitations apply. Service only. Does not include repairs or materials. Can not be used with any other discount or offer.

Clements Listens, Tailor-Designs & Installs

Our residential air conditioning systems may not be the cheapest in terms of upfront costs, but the long term energy savings and low maintenance costs will far outweigh any initial price difference.

We listen carefully to your needs and the type of lifestyle your family leads before conducting a thorough survey of your premises then designing a system specifically for your home and your family. Our tailor-made residential air-conditioning systems will not only provide significant energy savings over the life of the product, but you can also feel good knowing you have installed a world-class system that’s also environmentally friendly.

We will even recommend simple home improvements that can dramatically improve the operating efficiency of your new air conditioning system, reducing energy usage (and costs) and conserving the environment.

Things To Consider When Choosing An Air Conditioner

When choosing an air-conditioner for your home there are a number of things you should consider that will help enhance the operating efficiency of your system and minimise energy costs.

Our experienced professionals will take the time to discuss and advise you on the following points and much more:

  • Improving the thermal efficiency of your home
  • The benefits of installing ceiling or wall insulation
  • Improve infiltration by re-sealing doors and window openings
  • Shading external windows using shades and awnings
  • Double glazing or adding reflective film
  • Selective deciduous landscape plantings to provide summer shade and winter warmth
  • Increase thermal mass by adding Phase Change Material (PCM) to the building envelope. This revolutionary material absorbs and releases excess heat as needed to help maintain a constant temperature whilst also providing 25 to 30% energy savings. PCM is environmentally friendly, easy to install and can even be used to retro-fit existing buildings.
Clements Air Conditioning Fixed Price Residential Service
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