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Garry Clements (our boss) grew up on a dairy farm so he has a unique understanding of the challenges and cost issues concerning the industry.

With market prices continually being squeezed and the cost of energy continually rocketing, the hard-working dairy farmer is being ‘milked’ of profits and is desperate to reduce costs. Fortunately, installing a heat recovery system could just be the answer.

What are heat recovery systems?

The refrigeration cycle can be best described as a process designed to transfer heat from one source to another. When used in the dairy industry the process is based on removing heat from the raw milk and transferring it to the ambient air.

In order for the refrigeration cycle to function, it requires a considerable amount of electrical energy to drive the compressor which, in turn, circulates the refrigerant throughout the various stages of the refrigeration cycle. The amount of energy required depends on the application but for the dairy industry, it equates to approximately 35% of the refrigeration capacity.

Potential energy cost savings: an illustration

A typical dairy uses 300 litres of hot water a day at 70oC and has a standard HW system with a 3.6kw electric heater element operating on the general power tariff. The dairy has a milk vat with a 10kw refrigeration system, which runs on average for 6 hrs per day and has 2.5kw of waste heat available for heat recovery.

By installing a heat recovery system the hot water costs can be reduced from $1,920 to $270, which represents a massive saving of 80% with an attractive payback period of 4 to 5 years on the initial investment for an average heat recovery system.

In addition to the substantial reduction in energy costs, a considerable reduction of 5.5 tonnes per annum of carbon emissions has also been achieved.

Benefits of a heat recovery system

  • Reduces your energy costs
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Improves the efficiency of your refrigeration equipment
  • Short payback on your capital investment
  • Environmentally friendly

We can help a dairy save money, reduce their carbon footprint and save money, contact us to find out more

Dairy Industry Energy Efficiency Electrical
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