Passive Energy Reduction

There are so many forms of insulation for so many different applications and new products coming on the market continuously that it’s hard to keep up with the latest and greatest. Here are two of perhaps the most efficient and cost effective forms of heat insulation we’ve come across with:


Solacoat is the most efficient and cost effective form of heat insulation available. This waterborne acrylic emulsion based product has a special membrane additive which aids in rejecting the infrared rays from the sun.

Solacoat actually stops the heat from entering a building. Conventional insulations, such as fibreglass or wool batts, only slow the rate of heat transfer, allowing heat to build up in the ceilings and walls during the day, and helping to seal the heat in at night.

Solacoat will, on a typical summer day, give up to 80%+ rejection of solar radiation. Tests have shown that the surface temperature of galvanised iron can be reduced by over 40°C resulting in a drop of up to 20°C within a building, thereby creating a comfortable working environment.

For a house roof of 150 square metres, Solacoat reduces the heat absorption of a green colourbond roof from 39 kilowatts to under 4 kilowatts. This can result in a saving of around $450 by reduced air cooling costs during summer.

By using Solacoat on your roof, the resulting savings from power generation, will result in a reduction of 4 tonnes in the amount of carbon dioxide Greenhouse Gas going into the atmosphere.

Solacoat has good architectural appearance as well as durability, waterproofing, and covering properties. It provides an excellent protective coating in lieu of standard paint finishes.

Know more about Solacoat!

If you’re considering repainting an existing building or perhaps a complete new development in Newcastle and Hunter Valley, the Clements has got you covered! Call us to arrange an appointment with our experienced engineering and sales staff to discuss the options of including ‘Solacoat Heat Reflective Insulation Paint’ in your green building design.

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Phase Change Material

Imagine a product so smart it actively works to conserve energy and improve the efficiency of buildings by maintaining comfortable room temperatures all day long.

Traditional insulation works as a simple barrier that slows the transfer of heat. Now, scientists at Phase Change Energy Solutions have gone Beyond Insulation™ to develop phase change material technology that absorbs and releases excess heat as needed. The result are buildings that stay at a prescribed temperature throughout the day, consuming less energy and keeping room temperatures more constant. In tests conducted by a major public utility, 25 to 30% energy savings were achieved.

The product is earth-friendly, easy to install and can even be used to retro-fit existing buildings. This is a high-performance green building material that offers a smart response to climate change.

How Does BioPCM™ Work?

BioPCM’s patent-pending material absorbs and releases heat at pre-set temperatures. It is engineered around a fundamental property of nature: the natural tendency of materials to absorb heat when they melt (phase change from solid to liquid) and to release heat when they solidify (phase change from liquid to solid).

All materials exhibit this behaviour, however, there are some in particular that go through this phase change at or near room temperature, absorbing and releasing heat in the process. These materials are referred to as phase change materials (PCM).

When these phase change materials are placed into the structure of a building, they add thermal mass to the structure and absorb heat during the day as they change from a solid state to liquid and release heat at night as they change back to a solid. This has the effect of stabilising the indoor temperature, often to the point where air conditioning is not required or can be significantly reduced in capacity. Energy consumption can be drastically reduced when BioPCM TM is used in conjunction with normal wall and ceiling insulation.

The product is a fire retardant biodegradable material and is encapsulated in sheets made to be readily integrated into the building envelope construction. BioPCM™ can be used in both new construction and for retro-fitting existing structures. It’s high-performance, smart building technology ready to help you ‘go-green’ quickly and easily.

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Our experienced tradesmen at Clements will be more than happy to tell you more about this technology. Contact us to arrange an appointment with our experienced engineering and sales staff to discuss the options of including BioPCM™ phase change material in your green building design.

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Passive Energy Reduction
Passive Energy Reduction Electrical
Passive Energy Reduction Electrical
Passive Energy Reduction Electrical
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