Wine Industry Energy Efficiency

Clements has been actively involved in the wine industry for 30 years now, primarily in the Hunter Valley and the Pokolbin regions. As such, we know more than a little about wines. We also know how important refrigeration is to this industry and so we make it a point to assist businesses in the wine industry in as much as we could. One thing we can assist is in terms of reducing your bills significantly.

To help your reduce your bills, we suggest the use of energy efficient products, such as

  • Energy Audits to reveal potential savings
  • Plant Re-engineering for greater efficiency and integration of current energy saving technology
  • Winery Brine Refrigeration coolant delivery and pump control systems
  • Purpose built chillers
  • Specialised Process Cooling Applications

Wine Refrigeration and Brichil Chillers

Refrigeration is an essential part of the wine making process. However, the quality of the end product is often compromised as a result of using poorly designed and installed equipment.

As a result of our active interest in the industry and the obvious need for specialised equipment, Clements Refrigeration developed its own range of brine chillers under the brand name ‘Brichil’ several years ago. Our chillers have been supplied to the majority of the major wine growing regions throughout the Australia and overseas. Needless to say, we built them tough to operate efficiently in the harshest of Australian conditions.

The standard units are available in a range of capacities from 7kw through to 90kw with larger purpose built plants also available on request.

The chillers are primarily designed for use with recirculated brine systems, commonly used throughout the wine industry, but are also readily adaptable to a wide variety other similar process cooling applications.

Clements Refrigeration and Brichil Australia offer on-site surveys to our local clients, to assess and advise on the individual needs of your wineries.

Contact your refrigeration specialists today

Whether you already have an existing wine business or are still planning to build one, Clements is here to help. We are your friendly neighbourhood refrigeration specialists and we can help you right from designing, up until installation. We also provide repair and maintenance service to make sure your systems work smoothly at all times.

How can we help you? Tell us your plans and needs. Call (02) 4932 3833 or email for more information on refrigeration Newcastle and Hunter Valley.

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