Commercial businesses and home owners alike have much to gain from harnessing the power of the sun. The price of solar power has reduced significantly over recent years to the point where the cost of solar power is much the same as grid power when considered over equipment life cycle.

In addition, new technology is constantly evolving which opens up new options for the environmentally conscious commercial building owner and home owner.

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Government Subsidies

Government schemes, subsidies and promises come and go and electricity costs continue to soar year after year with seemingly no end in sight, but the sun rises every day to deliver the many benefits of environmentally friendly solar power.

Solar energy could save your business or family home thousands of dollars in energy costs so call us now and ask about the latest government schemes and subsidies and whether you qualify.

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Residential & Commercial Solar PV Grid Connect Systems

Grid connect solar is still a viable proposition despite the demise of NSW government subsidised tariffs and the early winding up of the Federal Government Solar Credits scheme. Careful design is now the key to ensure that maximum benefit is derived from the installed solar PV generating capacity.

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Stand Alone Power Systems (Off Grid)

CARE is accredited to design and install Standalone Off Grid Power Systems. Once again careful design is important to ensure that the system installed will provide adequate power and prolonged service life of major components such as batteries.

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Hybrid Power Systems

Hybrid systems are essentially a stand-alone power system with a grid connection. A hybrid system will allow the property owner to gain maximum benefit from the installed solar PV or wind generator capacity. When the system is generating energy greater than the available load the excess is stored in the battery bank. The grid connection may be switched off during peak or shoulder TOU periods to avoid excessive tariff charges. The load during this period is supplied from the battery bank. During the off peak period the grid power is used to top up battery charge. Good design should enable the property owner to use renewable energy from the PV on site for free or “off peak” grid power only.

Tailored Design & Financial Analysis

CARE will design a solar system to your specific requirements and provide a financial analysis of the investment to demonstrate:

  • Total system cost
  • Power generation
  • Payback period on investment
  • Reclaim of government REC credits

Contact us today for more details on the right solar powered system for your business or home.

Project Financing is available

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