Solar Batteries- The Power Revolution Predicted To Change The World

June 26, 2016 Solar Power

Solar batteries are changing the world wide landscape of the energy industry worldwide and Australia is leading the way. Electricity prices have increased by 70% over the past four years and now home owners are fighting back with over 1.4million homes fitted with solar and a surge of interest in solar batteries taking off.

When the Solar Bonus scheme was introduced in early 2010 to encourage the uptake of residential solar, consumers were offered a huge 60c per kWh for solar power fed back to the grid. Not surprisingly this scheme was soon oversubscribed and eventually abandoned with the government even attempting to make the change retrospective. This part of the government’s solar “backdown” was defeated after intense lobbying by many interested parties however the Solar Bonus scheme was abandoned in October 2010 and 60c feedback tariffs were no more except for the lucky few who were sharp enough to sign up to the scheme in its early stages. Now all one can hope for is a feed in rate of between 6-10c and the emphasis is on using as much of site generated power as possible and minimising grid feed in.

Those fortunate few who were able to get on board the Solar Bonus Gravy Train face a change of circumstances at the end of this calendar year when the scheme officially finishes on 31 Dec 2016. After that point all gross meters will need to be changed to net meters and feed in rates will drop dramatically. A way for these people to maximise the benefit of their solar system (which in most cases still have a lot of service life left) is to install a solar battery storage system that will allow the battery cells to charge during the peak production hours and be discharged back to the household during the expensive grid periods

Since the end of the solar bonus scheme the solar industry has had to stand on its own two feet so to speak. It is no longer good enough to sell a customer any sized  system that will fit on the roof but a solar proposal should involve careful assessment of the customers load profile to determine optimum sizing as well as a multitude of other considerations like orientation and shading etc. If properly designed a system can in most cases pay back the initial investment in less than 7 years.

A battery Storage solution does not necessarily need to have solar generation to make a big difference to the energy bill. Solar batteries may installed and charged during off peak hours and discharged during peak hours, which means that all the energy used will be at the cheaper rates.

For more information and to get a quote for solar batteries customised to meet the needs of your family, home or workplace contact Clements Solar today.

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