Spring Cleaning: Remember the last time you had your air conditioner serviced?

There’s a warmth in the air. Throughout the Hunter Valley we are seeing sunshine drenched days and getting a taste of warmer weather. Some would say that Spring has sprung. That means that Summer is just around the corner, and you may find yourself reaching for the air conditioning remote for the first time in a while.

Nobody wants to be sitting in stuffy, sweaty discomfort. So, is your air-con working as well as it should, or could, be?

Through years of experience, the Clements team know that maintenance can prevent a lot of the air conditioning issues that people generally run into. Just like our cars, boats and even our bodies – a professional check-up, or regular maintenance service, on your air conditioning unit will allow it to run better, and for longer.


A Clements Air Conditioning service is thorough, undertaken by professional technicians and will cover the following:

Check thermostat settings to ensure the cooling and heating system keeps you comfortable when you are home and saves energy while you are away.

Tighten all electrical connections and measure voltage and current on motors. Faulty electrical connections can cause unsafe operation of your system and reduce the life of major components.

Lubricate all moving parts. Parts that lack lubrication cause friction in motors and increases the amount of electricity you use.

Check and inspect the condensate drain in your central air conditioner, furnace and/or heat pump (when in cooling mode). A plugged drain can cause water damage in the house and affect indoor humidity levels.

Check controls of the system to ensure proper and safe operation. Check the starting cycle of the equipment to assure the system starts, operates, and shuts off properly.

A maintenance service allows your air conditioning system to function better and be more efficient. It also ensures better air quality. A service involves a full system check including checking components and equipment, all electrical wire connections, gas charge, oil levels, duct connections and drains.

No sweat this Summer – book a service to ensure your system is working at its optimal capacity.

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