Spring School Holidays – Survival Tips

September 27, 2017 School Holidays

spring holiday survival tips

At Clements we care about the sanity of local parents. School holidays can be a wondrous time of family fun and games. However, they can also be busy, and extra time at home often leads to more requests for entertainment. If you’re not lucky enough to be off to a tropical island resort for the holidays, then here’s some simple survival tips to keep things interesting and relaxed at home!

The Library is Your Friend

All local libraries in Maitland City Council area have varied free/inexpensive craft activities running throughout the holidays. This is fantastic for the craft-challenged parent or the mums and dads who’d rather the little ones make creative mess elsewhere. For details on times, dates and locations see: http://www.maitland.nsw.gov.au/library/kids/holidayfun17/itsybitsy

Embrace Pyjama Days

School is out and you don’t have to overschedule the family! If there’s no plans for an entire day, have PJ day and wear them all day. While you’re at it, eat breakfast foods for all three meals. This will save cooking time, dishes and the kids will love it. There’s nothing like a quiet day to chill in your most cosy clothes and watch TV. After a busy term at school, kids are often tired, and these PJ days work well in that first week, it’s not just nice to relax, they actually need it!

Kid’s Pick Day

Don’t just ask them to pick or vote as you may end up inadvertently committing to a trip to Disneyland, but do have a Kid’s Pick day. You can make a list of activities that fit your time and budget and ask the kids to pick. If the activities are manageable, and you’ve got multiple kiddos, you could even allow them a choice each. Just ensure you’re prepared to do anything on the list, as children are unpredictable and will most certainly pick that one thing you didn’t really want to do!

The Kitchen is Fun

This is a great activity for those moments in the late afternoon when you hear “I’m bored.” Kids can help in the kitchen with preparing dinner, or learning to bake. Show them how to follow a recipe in an age appropriate fashion and then (if the dish allows) let them lick the bowl and spoon. Put someone on watch with a timer too- you can keep them busy for hours while simultaneously learning a skill for life.

It’s Ok to be Bored

Ultimately whether school is in or out of session, every parent has heard complaints of boredom, and probably on a regular basis. While stimulation is good, family time is important and entertainment is awesome, moments of boredom are necessary and even vital. As a parent, it’s not your responsibility to be an entertainer 24/7, and boredom encourages the kids to be creative. Limit screen time and encourage some outdoor, imaginative play. If there’s bikes, scooters or balls available, kids are more than capable of entertaining themselves just fine.

Enjoy this time with your little people, they will be all grown up before you know it. Spring is a beautiful time of the year to be out and about with the family. At Clements, we wish everyone a fun and safe spring school holidays!

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