Summer activities for families

summer activities for families
January 11, 2019 School Holidays

At Clements, we care, and even though we love a good air conditioned home or office on a hot summer’s day, we also love the great outdoors. If you’d like to spend more time in the sun over the next few weeks, especially with the little people before they go back to school, here’s 10 suggestions for easy, inexpensive, outdoor summer fun.

summer activities for families

  1. Water fight!

    Whether you employ a hose, water bomb balloons, or water guns, nothing beats an afternoon in the yard spraying your loved ones. It gets even more interesting when a battle breaks out between parents and children.

    summer activities for families

  2. Camping.

    Nothing screams Aussie summer holidays better than a campout. Whether you head off to your favourite caravan park, camping spot or you just set up for some fun in the backyard, camping is a great family activity. Not only enjoyable, camping gives you opportunities to teach your kids cool stuff like cooking simply, and setting up a tent.

  3. Family Bike rides.

    On the days that aren’t too hot, get some fresh air on a bike. This is even more fun (or not) if you have a family member just learning how to do it. It’s a skill for life and nobody forgets that first ride without training wheels. You can explore your neighbourhood together, or go on biking adventures, either way, it’s good exercise and lots of fun.

  4. Hiking.

    Just like a good bike ride, a nature walk is good for the soul. As long as you avoid the heat of the day, it’s a great time of year to take the family outdoors. It’s great exercise too, pick your favourite trail and take plenty of water and sunscreen!

    summer activities for families

  5. Take a trip to the park.

    You can explore something new, or head to your favourite park that’s closest to home, the choice is yours. Take a picnic to make it extra special and you’ll have entertained the little ones for hours before you know it. Extra points if you take bubbles for the kids to play with, or a Frisbee, or meet friends there for a play date.

    summer activities for families

  6. Trampolines and water.

    Any way you can incorporate these two things, you’ve got a winner. Use water bombs, a hose or a sprinkler underneath and you can literally count on hours of amusement for the kids. Parents are also encouraged to join in on the fun.

    summer activities for families

  7. Summer gardening.

    Gardening is a skill for life that’s great to pass on to the next generation. You can take them to a friend or relative’s place to harvest summer fruits like strawberries, or plant your own garden at home. Summer is perfect for planting mint, coriander, beans, lettuce, cucumber and melons, among many others.

    summer activities for families

  8. Beach trip.

    It’s a very Australian thing to love the beach. Make a day trip of it by packing water, lunch, shade, sunscreen and snacks. Spend some time swimming, relaxing, playing games on the beach and building sandcastles.

    summer activities for families

  9. Chalk art.

    It’s a classic, but send the kids outside with chalk to draw on concrete, the driveway or the footpath. Let them use their imaginations and then take a heap of photos of their masterpieces once complete. You can even draw a hopscotch game and teach them how to play.

  10. Wash the car.

    It may have become quite the chore in adulthood, but most kids still love getting wet and dirty while helping to wash the car. Take advantage of this youthful enthusiasm. It’s entertaining, and you get a clean car at the end. Win, win!

So, there you have it. Ten ideas for spending some time with the family outdoors, enjoying the summer together.

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