Turn up the heat (in the kitchen) this winter

June 19, 2019 Recipe

At Clements, we care, and whilst we know you can stay super warm in the family home with your energy efficient air conditioning this Winter, we have thought of another way to stay extra toasty. It is likely that someone will be cooking for the family each day, but as the temperatures drop, you may […]

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First Creek Wines lead the way on energy efficiency with Clements

At Clements, we have a rich history in the wine industry spanning over 30 years, and we are particularly passionate about our local Hunter Valley vineyards. Refrigeration is an integral part of the wine making process, therefore, energy efficiency should always be a priority.   We were recently contracted by First Creek Wines for winery […]

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A brief history of electricity

March 8, 2019 Electricity

Electricity, a physical phenomenon that powers modern-day human existence. If you used a blender this morning, flicked on the TV, turned on the air conditioning or blew your hair dry with a hair dryer, you used electricity. Everywhere you turn, all our contemporary conveniences rely on it. It’s an easy thing to take for granted, […]

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