Sharon & Graeme, 2015

“The professionalism and advice and promptness of getting a quote to us was fantastic. We like great customer services after sale as well as before. So many companies forget after sales service or don’t even care about it. We were kept in the loop at all times with phone calls. We were waiting on money coming from the sale of our house and received phone calls to see how it was going to see if our job could be done quicker for us, which was great, we weren’t just forgotten.

There was nothing that we were unhappy with, all tradesmen/women were very professional, prompt friendly, polite and all knew exactly what they were doing and worked very well together to get our jobs done with extremely minimum fuss.

The whole process was very easy for us. The staff have been fabulous, very professional, friendly and easy to talk to. When I get terrific customer service as well as value for money I don’t get elsewhere for other quotes. Yours was the only one we got because we were so happy with everything. Very well done, we would recommend you to everyone. Thanks so much, we love our aircon and can’t wait for more cold then hot weather to really try it out.”

Sharon & Graeme, 2015
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