We all know that air conditioning makes us more comfortable but how can our air conditioning help our health and well-being?

There’s actually been quite a bit of research on this topic and it suggests that having access to air conditioning – particularly for those who are young or elderly – it really important for regulating body temperature and for avoiding heat-related illnesses

And did you know that our temperature, and the temperature of the air around us, impacts our minds and behaviour? Just think, we know that people are most comfortable when they aren’t sweating or shivering it out!

Plus, quality air conditioning – and an air conditioner which is regularly serviced and cleaned – can also help our health by reducing the number of airborne allergens and dust mites in your home.

Which is reassuring given you don’t want your family breathing in mould and bacteria, particularly during flu season.

We want you to enjoy warm, clean air by having your air conditioning fully serviced and professionally cleaned by Clements.

A Clements Air Conditioning service will:

  • kill germs and bacteria
  • remove dirt, dust and mould
  • improve the energy efficiency of your air con, saving you money on your power bills

For an air conditioning service near you give us a call on (02) 4932 3833 to make a booking or to chat about an air conditioning upgrade for your home this Winter.

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