Air conditioning systems that are consistent and efficient are crucial in commercial indoor environments, allowing workers and customers to stay comfortable for many hours of the day, and night.

Of course, an increase in energy usage for your commercial air conditioning system results in higher energy bills, and often at an expensive rate. To decrease energy costs and usage, here are some how-to-tips that you can use to reduce your carbon footprint and make sure your commercial building is comfortable for all users.

1. Setting an automatic timer

Set up an automatic timer for the air conditioner to switch off at the end of operating hours or at the time when workers are leaving the office.

2. Reduce heat from external sources

Efficient windows and external shading should be used to restrict heat from the sun and harsh sunlight entering the building. From an electrical standpoint, lights should be switched off in any unoccupied room and motion sensors can be installed.

3. Utilise Smart Technology

One of its many advantageous features is that it adjusts heating or cooling to an optimal temperature and detects when occupants are no longer present in a room.

4. Have your commercial air conditioning serviced regularly

Scheduled servicing identifies potential defects, early, alleviating poor performance and its increased use of energy output.

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