The Clements Commitment

At Clements Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Electrical our customers are our priority. That’s our commitment.

Working with you on any custom air conditioning, refrigeration or transportation job – no matter the scale – we make this commitment to you:


We have built a team of dedicated professionals. With decades of experience, Clements will provide consistent, quality service throughout your project – from honest and clear quotations, on-time completion through to warranty and servicing advice.


Throughout our install and servicing processes, we will respect your property and workspace. When working on-site the Clements team will be clean and courteous, keeping interruptions and waste to a minimum, ensuring efficiency and safety is top-of-mind.


We appreciate the long-term investment you are making, be it for your home or your business. Bringing experience and expertise we ensure your Clements purchase is optimised to meet your needs – we guarantee satisfaction, quality and value – decreasing your running costs and creating an air-conditioning or refrigeration system that is built to last.

Customised solutions

We don’t do “one-size-fits-all”. We take the time to access your needs, how you use your space, your fixtures and fittings and we customise the perfect, efficient and effective solution for your needs. Which means you will enjoy seamless operation and savings long into the future.

For a quote and detailed project information contact us today.

At Clements we care about our customers, that’s our commitment to you.

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