Common electrical hazards in the home

Electricity has been an absolute blessing to humanity. From lightbulbs to microwave ovens, all modern conveniences stem from the ability to supply electric power to the home. While electricity is a beautiful thing, it does necessitate extreme caution. Many electrical hazards lurk in the average home, and it’s important to be vigilant, especially if you have children. Most disasters of this variety can be prevented by being alert and rectifying problems promptly.

Appliances plugged in near water sources

It is important to never use plugged in electrical appliances near water sources. If you do manage to get an electrical appliance wet, do not unplug it. You will need to go to your electric box outside and switch off the power to the outlet your appliance is plugged in to. You can then safely unplug the appliance, however it should be evaluated by a qualified repairs officer before being used again.

Wet hands

Appliances should never be plugged in near water sources because water and electricity simply don’t mix. Another precaution to take in order to reduce the chances of electric shock is to never use electric appliances or power points with wet hands. Before plugging in hair dryers, straighteners or kitchen appliances, ensure your hands have been thoroughly dried.

Faulty, damaged or outdated wiring

Faulty wiring is among the top 10 causes of residential house fires in Australia. Wiring inadequacies are a major electrical hazard. To minimise your risk, it is always good to have a qualified electrician inspect your wiring every few years to ensure it’s still in good condition and to have any problems diagnosed early, repaired or replaced. If the wiring in your home is more than 30 years old, it is recommended to have it inspected annually.

Some of the signs of wiring problems include:

  • Dimming of lights while using other appliances
  • Blown fuses
  • Frequently tripped circuits
  • Having to disconnect one appliance in order to use another
  • Power outlets that feel warm to touch

If you notice any of the above happening, contact your local electrician at Clements CARE.

Electrical Outlets and Children

Children are curious by nature, and have a tendency to be attracted to dangerous objects. Electrical outlets are among them, and this is an extremely important hazard to be aware of around the family home. Placing fingers or objects inside an electrical outlet can result in burns, shock or electrocution. You can protect your little ones from this by placing plastic covers over any outlets that are within their reach. Always keep really young children in your view at all times around electrical outlets.

Proper use of extension cords

Extension cords can become hazardous as well, as they are prone to overheating and should always be used in conjunction with appropriate electrical appliances. Never run extension cords under the rug or any carpet. They can quickly cause the wires to become frayed or broken from people walking on them, resulting in shocks and fires.

Electricity is a wonderful invention that must always be respected and used with caution. If you have any questions regarding electrical safety in the home contact us at Clements today on 4932 3833.

Protect your home, family and pets by being electricity safe and responsible.

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