BRICHIL: Working to reduce milk wastage

Brichil is the manufacturing arm of Clements Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Electrical – specialising in the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of process chillers and custom refrigeration plants.

The applications for Brichil brine process chillers are diverse, with the dairy industry being just one example. And here at Brichil, we have worked to design and manufacture a portable plant that contributes to the reduction of quality milk wastage for the Australian dairy industry.

The Brichil and Clements Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Electrical teams, worked in collaboration to design and build the plant using Kirby HVACR remote condensers, Dorin compressors, and Kirby componentry and are suitable for electrical mains or standby generator power connection. These units are designed to be located at the local depots to provide single-pass cooling of raw milk from either the dairy pick-up tankers or for long-haul interstate milk transporters.

If the milk being transported on these routes starts to get close to the “dump temperature” – where it would typically be discarded and ultimately wasted – the truck driver can pull into the chilling facility and transfer up to 40,000 litres of milk from the truck through a Plate HEX and into a large onsite storage VAT.

After which, the milk can then be safely returned to the tanker or stored on-site; meaning wastage of Australian dairy milk is significantly decreased.

Keeping efficiency top of mind, the portable plant has been built so that the chilling process can be completed in approximately 30-60mins.

Clements Air Conditioning Refrigeration & Electrical is very proud of the outcome achieved and would like to thank Kirby HVACR for providing specialised componentry for the project.

To see a video of the portable plant see the LinkedIn post from Kirby HVACR below.

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