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Clements Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Electrical (CARE) understands your need for outstanding energy efficiency, supreme performance, and exceptional reliability from your business refrigeration unit.


If you need to replace or upgrade existing business refrigeration equipment your major considerations should be energy efficiency, minimising operating costs, long-term value through excellent plant design, and effective maintenance programs to keep your system operating at optimum efficiency.


Clements will help with the important design decisions and advise on the best course of action regarding the refrigerant and equipment to best suit your application.


It’s vital to remember that refrigeration plant design and equipment is not an “off the shelf” product but should be engineered and selected to match the specific application. Any additional cost arising from the design process and selection of the correct equipment will always be made up many times over by savings in operating costs over the equipment life cycle.



Postponing Or Avoiding A Costly Upgrade

Clements have completed a broad range of major commercial refrigeration projects across a wide variety of applications, including:

Poorly performing equipment is often found to have been badly designed and poorly commissioned at the outset, with mismatched components and inadequate control strategies resulting in inefficient operation and high operating costs.

Simple modification and careful re-commissioning can often lead to much-improved performance and in many cases may postpone or avoid a costly upgrade.

Since the implementation of the Montreal Protocol on virtually a worldwide level the shift away from CFC to HCFC refrigerants and most recently towards natural refrigerants has created a bewildering array of options when choosing a refrigerant for a particular application. Since the phasing out of the commonly used R22 HCFC refrigerant for many applications plant replacement may be the only option.

The Federal Government Carbon Tax, along with the Refrigerant Import Levy, has resulted in significant price increases for refrigerants.

Be sure and make the most cost-effective decision by asking the Clements experts about the latest options available to you.

Supermarkets & Food Retailers

Fast Food Outlets

Wineries and Viticulture

Dairies and Milk Storage Facilities

Commercial Kitchens

Hospitality and Accommodation Venues

Food Processing

Entertainment Venues

Confectionery Manufacturers

Cold Storage Facilities

Bulk Food Warehousing

Hospitals & Health Facilities

Commercial Offices

Fresh Seafood Markets


At Clements we understand the cooling and refrigeration needs of businesses throughout Maitland, Newcastle, Port Stephens and Hunter Valley, NSW. Our satisfied customers span the East Coast of Australia.

commercial Refrigeration Services

Clements offer a full engineering consultancy service from the concept stage to completion, including:

Free initial consultation

Project Engineering and Design

Preparation of Specification and Drawings

Tender Evaluation

Project Management


Please Note: When engaged in a consultancy role it is our policy not to tender for the contract works to avoid any possible conflict of interest.


CLEMENTS All-Inclusive Financing

Clements can also assist by organising an all-inclusive commercial refrigeration finance package. The package will include all costs from design to commissioning as well as an ongoing comprehensive maintenance schedule for a contract term of up to 5 years – all for a single monthly finance payment.