At Clements we care, and so when your air conditioning or refrigeration is installed and up and running, our service to you isn’t over.

We offer a complete service and maintenance support program which is designed to keep your plant and equipment operating at peak performance levels. With a maintenance program tailor-made to suit your needs, we guarantee that priority of service is paramount and that the minimum time for attendance will be observed.

But why is maintenance and servicing important?

Whenever mechanical equipment is present, maintenance is required. Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment are no exceptions and will need servicing done at regular intervals.

Most businesses rely heavily on the effective operation of this equipment, and therefore, servicing and maintenance should be of high priority. Long term, the cost of inadequate maintenance will be far greater than the upfront costs of proactively caring for mechanical equipment.

The breakdown of cost vs benefit of regular servicing can be broken down as follows:

  • Poor maintenance practices = high cost of operation + high failure rate + low product security + shortened service life
  • Good maintenance practices = low operating cost + low failure rate + high product security + extended service life

Regular servicing should be viewed as an investment in the business as opposed to a simple expense. The return proves product time and time again as savings are made from reduced breakdown costs, reduced downtime, less product wastage and enhanced customer goodwill.

The right plan for you…

At Clements, we understand that not every individual or business will have the same level of needs for service, as well as differing budget constraints. So if you’re looking for air conditioning or refrigeration that is reliable, and you would like a level of service that suits your specific needs give Clements Air Conditioning & Refrigeration a call today on 4932 3833 2 Shipley Dr, Rutherford NSW 2320 .

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