Clements Care Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is ducted air conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning delivers heated or cooled air into multiple rooms of the house. This is done from an external fan and delivered through ducts in the ceiling.

  1. Why is ducted air conditioning a good investment?

When you are needing to cool or warm large areas or an entire house, ducted air conditioning is a great choice. Ducts allow air to be evenly distributed around your home, allowing your home to be comfortable throughout. You also have full control over your home’s temperature through the use of duct zones. These can also cut down costs as they allow you to cool or warm only particular areas of your home.

  1. How often should I clean the air filter in my air conditioner?

When the filter light flashes, this indicates that the air filter needs cleaning. For a domestic air conditioner, the general recommendation is once every season, depending on the air purity and environment, however for a commercial situation, this increases to once a month.

  1. What does it mean to be a Daikin dealer?

Clements is an authorised Daikin dealer which allows us access to Daikin air conditioners. Daikin believes that superior experience, technical know-how, and product knowledge can’t be found at most appliance retailers; so for this reason, they sell through a network of qualified dealers. As a Daikin dealer, we can not only help you decide on the best Daikin air conditioner for your needs but will professionally install it for you as well.

  1. Why should I get my air conditioner serviced?

Not only does a maintenance service allow your system to function better and be more efficient, it also ensures better air quality. A professional service involves a full system check including checking components and equipment, all electrical wire connections, gas charge, oil levels, duct connections and drains are working to ensure your system is working at its optimal capacity.

  1. Will air conditioning impact my allergies?

If your air conditioning system is professionally serviced regularly, air conditioning will improve your home or business’ air quality as the air passes through filters before reaching you, reducing allergens and bacteria in the air.

  1. I am worried about rising electricity costs. Are air conditioners energy efficient?

The selection and installation of a suitable air conditioning system is the best way to provide energy efficient heating and cooling for your home.

Using an on-site consultation, our team can assess, plan and install the right air conditioning solution for you, with full consideration of your energy efficiency and usage needs. An air conditioner that’s too small will require excessive energy to heat/cool your home whereas an air conditioner that’s too big, will result in you paying more in electricity than you should.

We will take into your home size, insulation and usage needs to help you select the right air conditioning solution for your home or business, thus allowing the most energy efficient option for your space.

  1. How much does ducted air conditioning cost to run?

It is important to understand that several factors affect power consumption and cost.

  • Insulation: This will reduce the overall running cost by keeping out the heat.
  • Total area: The larger the area or the more zones on, the longer the unit will run.
  • Weather: The hotter or cooler the day, the longer the compressor will run.
  • Time: How often and how long you run the unit.
  • Preferred temperature: the temperature you prefer will influence costs as the unit will have to work harder or easier to cater to your needs.

Taking the above factors into consideration, the average approximate cost would vary between 36c-$1.36 per hour depending on unit size (based on 70% cycling of compressor).

  1. How can I save energy when using my air conditioner?
  • In the warmer months, turn on your air conditioner earlier in the morning to keep the house cool rather than having it work harder once the home has already warmed up.
  • Use the timer to minimise the hours your air conditioner is turned on
  • Set your air conditioner to the recommended temperature setting.
    Cooling: 24.0-26.0°C
    Heating: 20.0-22.0°C
  • Cover windows with blinds or curtains to block the sunlight and air from outside.
  • Turn off the air conditioner at night and open a window or allow the natural air to flow through the house to take advantage of the natural cooler evening air.
  • Turn off heat-emitting appliances including the television, oven and computer to prevent your air conditioner from working harder to keep the house cool.
  • If using a split system air conditioner, adjust the louvres so they send the air downwards when heating and upwards when cooling.
  • Regularly clean the air filter.
  • When selecting an air conditioner, check the energy star labels, the more stars, the more energy-efficient.
  1. Why should I support local business?

There are many air conditioner companies out there.  And there are many reasons to support local business. According to Civic Economics, for every dollar you spend at an independent business, 3x more money is returned into the local economy, compared to that spent at a larger chain. This means the money you spend is essentially going back into the community where you live and work. Small local businesses often support the community in other ways including donations and sponsorships. By supporting a local business, you are helping to create more jobs in your local area, creating more opportunities for people in your community, possibly even yourself, friends, family or neighbours.

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