Choosing the right air conditioning for your home or business

This year we had a reasonably chilly winter, and now summer is just around the corner with its humid heat in tow.

If your home or office premises has no air conditioning solutions, or if your current solutions are ageing and in need of replacement, you may be wondering what is the best solution for your situation.

Is ducted always best? Is a Split System cheaper to run? Are these the only two options?

There are actually three main types of air-conditioning to consider for your home or business:

Ducted Air-Conditioning

When is ducted air-conditioning the most ideal option?

When you want to heat or cool an entire home or office building. Ducted air conditioners are also aesthetically more discreet, because there’s no need for a big unit to be attached to an interior wall.

A ducted air-conditioning system is an all-in-one climate control solution using a unit positioned outside, and a unit concealed in the ceiling (or under the floor) to distribute warm or cool air to various zones in the home or office using duct work.

Ducted air is easy to control, and the quietest of all air-conditioning options. It’s known to be a luxury, and will add value to your home or building. Ducted air is also recognised for flexibility in heating or cooling all rooms in the house, and the use of zones to maximise energy efficiency.

Split System Air-Conditioning

When is split system the best choice to make?

If you only have a compact space, or simply require heating and cooling in a select few rooms, split system is an effective, affordable option.

A split-system air conditioner is designed for specific areas in the home or business. If you feel like the living areas are the only ones that experience extreme heat or cold, it’s really only necessary to install a unit in those rooms. These units require a compressor which is installed on the outside of the home or building, with a wall-mounted unit inside the house or office, located in the room/s of your choosing.

This solution is the most economical to install, and it’s also energy efficient in that you’re only heating or cooling the rooms you really need to, instead of being tempted to do the whole space.

Multi Split System Air-Conditioning

A third alternative, which blends both worlds, is the Multi Split System Air Conditioner. These systems can heat or cool up to five rooms, and are ideal for homes and businesses with minimal space for ducted air conditioning. You still have the benefit of controlling individual room temperatures, without the investment in ducted.

Multi-systems still allow you to cater for family members who prefer different temperatures, and you only need one outdoor compressor. You can choose the rooms which require an indoor unit installed, and each unit can run at their own desired temperature. Maximum comfort is on offer, with running costs in mind, which makes the whole family (or team) happy.

For air conditioning solutions that fit your needs, your home or office design, and your budget call the friendly team at Clements on 4932 3833. We’ve been keeping residents and businesses throughout Newcastle, Port Stephens and the Hunter Valley comfortable all year round for over 40 years.

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