Running costs of air conditioning & other household appliances

As the cost of electricity and other living expenses continue to rise, many Hunter Valley families are looking to save money on their energy bills.

But you don’t want to sacrifice comfort and have your family sitting in sweat throughout Summer or chattering their teeth in cold conditions.

Considering the convenience and level of temperature control it creates, a well-maintained and efficient air conditioner is actually cheaper to run than you may think.

The average reserve cycle air conditioner costs between $0.25 – $0.95 per hour to cool a room, depending on the size.

And for comparison, here’s some info on other items around your home that cost more to run than your air-con:

Ovens cost $0.63 – $1.33 per hour to run. The stove costs $0.42 – $0.84 per hour per element being used. Even the handy microwave can cost between $0.28 – $0.53.

Irons and vacuum cleaners both cost $0.41 – $0.82 per hour to run.

And even lighting your home is costly! It can cost anything from $0.24 – $1.68 per hour to run several of the bulbs in your home at once. And just think about how many bulbs you have?

We will say this, dishwashers come close to the top of the list of low energy cost household appliances, costing as little as $0.12 – $0.56 per hour to run (counting electricity alone).

And that has got to be way better than scrubbing your dishes by hand!

Research Source: Canstar Blue; a consumer review and comparison website.

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