Saving energy in your supermarket business

Owners and operators of grocery stores and supermarkets know very well that energy efficiency is an important factor for their business success.

Most supermarkets run for more than 8 hours a day and air conditioning systems and refrigerators are all turned on during this time period, meaning the electricity also keeps on running.

Top tips for saving energy for your supermarket business

There are many ways to save money on electricity whilst keeping your business running smoothly. Here we list some tips to keep your supermarket business energy-efficient.


  1. Keep the door of all refrigerators shut as much as possible.

    Refrigerators and freezers should be kept shut when not in use to avoid the temperature from going up and down, and potentially affecting the food quality. Moreover, it would help to ensure that the refrigerator door seals are closed tightly to prevent warm air from entering the unit.
  1. The refrigerators’ temperature settings must be checked often.

    The temperature should be set according to your manufacturer’s standards. If the temperature is set lower than the advised setting, energy is wasted.
  1. Clean the cooling coils.

    Cooling coils accumulate dirt, dust, and ice over time and will affect your refrigerators’ performance. Make sure to have regular checks so equipment is properly maintained.

Air Conditioning

  1. Change the air filter on your air conditioner regularly.

    You should check the air conditioner filter once a month. There will be some months – like the peak of winter and summer – when the air conditioner is used more often than normal. This can mean a dirtier air filter in just a couple of weeks so upon checking and the air filter is dirty, replace it even if it hasn’t been a month yet. A dirty filter will cause the air con to use more energy which can mean a higher cost of electricity.
  1. Have your air conditioning equipment checked and maintained yearly.

    Preventive maintenance of your air conditioner can help detect potential problems in the system.  A proper fix can be performed right away, helping you save money on repair cost. Also, systems run efficiently and provide optimum performance when issues are detected early further reducing the likelihood of higher energy bills.
  1. Have a programmable thermostat installed.

    This is advised for areas that aren’t usually occupied by staff, like the warehouses and stock rooms. Since there aren’t many people in the room, the thermostat can adjust the temperature accordingly.

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