Ahhh Spring…the flowers are blooming and there’s warmth in the air.

As you’re getting ready to start up the air conditioner for the first time this season, you might think it’s as simple as flicking the switch. But failing to prep your system can potentially lead to some costly issues, ineffective functionality and with it, some dreaded hay fever symptoms.

If it’s regularly serviced and well cared for, air conditioning can not only keep you at a comfortable temperature, but it can also actually help with your spring-time allergies through air filtering, air quality improvements and humidity control.

Your air conditioner’s intake filter removes a lot of common allergy triggers, such as dust and pollen, as it filters your indoor air.

Using air conditioning reduces the number of airborne allergens, restricts the growth of mould, and moisture in the air.

So, how can you best prepare your air conditioning system for the Spring season, and ensure its efficiency?

Change the Air Filters

The change in seasons is usually a good time to replace your indoor air filters. This can be particularly important in the spring, because, during the harsh winter months, your indoor air filters tend to collect a lot more debris and dust than normal. Changing the filter will help ensure your system is ready for the cooling season.

Clean the Supply Vents and Return Grills

Make sure both the supply and return air grills and vents are open and clear. Use the vacuum to remove any pet hair or dust that might have accumulated during the winter months. Some homeowners even choose to use separate winter and summer supply grills.

Book a service with Clements Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Electrical

At Clements C.A.R.E, we know that maintenance can prevent a lot of the air conditioning issues that people run into; saving our clients money in the long run and reducing their energy bills thanks to increased efficiency.

We offer regular maintenance services to all our air conditioning customers throughout Maitland, Newcastle, Port Stephens and Hunter Valley, NSW.

Be sure to contact Clements C.A.R.E. on (02) 4932 3833for all your air conditioning service, maintenance and repair needs before the Summer months begin.

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