Quenching your thirst, keeping things cool, making safe food handling a breeze and saving space in your freezer – ice machines, ice makers and ice dispensers, are incredibly convenient.

And a stand-alone ice machine for medium, large-scale or industrial production can be used in many different settings, including:

Hospitality – including cafes, bars, caterers and restaurants

Accommodation – including hotels, motels, caravan & camping venues

Sporting & Community Groups

Health, Aged Care, Medical, Surgical & Laboratories

Worksites & Offices

Small-scaled ice machines

A small-scaled ice machine works by pumping water from a reservoir to a container, where freezing-cold metal prongs turn the water to solid ice. Compact ice machines can produce 31kg – 85kg sometimes more (depending on the type and size of machine) of ice in 24 hours.

Large-scaled ice machines

In commercial ice machines, water circulates over a cold evaporator. Ice cubes are built up in layers as heat is continually removed. A self-contained ice maker can produce between 40kg up to 120kg of ice per 24 hours. Whilst large-scaled ice machines can produce between 134kg up to 1,203kg  of ice over a 24 hour period.

Ice dispensers are also useful pieces of equipment as they offer minimal contact to then access the ice and / or water.

If you’re thinking an ice machine, ice maker or ice dispenser would be useful for you, your business or your sporting group – give the team at Clements Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Electrical a call.

At C.A.R.E we supply, deliver, install and service quality and energy efficient ice machines, and can advise on the equipment best suited to your needs. Phone (02) 4932 3833 for a quote or visit us at 2 Shipley Drive, Rutherford NSW 2320 for more information.

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